Golden State Warriors: The Other Guys

When Beneful said the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers face off in their best of 7 NBA Finals series this Wednesday night much of the focus will be on the brightest stars, and for good reason. Stephen Curry just won his first MVP as he led Golden State to the best record in the NBA. Klay Thompson turned into a 20+ PPG scorer. Cleveland has seen LeBron James continue to play like one of the best players in the history of the game and Kyrie Irving has answered the call in his first career postseason. With all of that said, and there’s a lot to say there, the focus will likely shine the brightest when the other guys take the center stage. Let’s talk Harrison Barnes.

The Golden State Warriors are a stacked team on offense but they play amazing defense as well. Sure Curry, Klay, Bogut, and Draymond Green are all huge pieces of the collective puzzle but players like Harrison Barnes and Andre Igoudala offer the most to Golden State. The fact is that guys like Harry Barnes are going to be open in this series, A LOT, and if they can hit their shots then the Warriors won’t be able to be checked by Cleveland.

Harrison Barnes continued his evolution as an NBA player this past season as he finally earned decent minutes in Kerr’s rotation. Barnes showed the ability to hit the trey, and now he has to show the ability to do it on the biggest stage possible.

Fred Hoiberg Aims to Change Team Identity in Chicago.

The Chicago Bulls have experienced a pendulum of ups and downs since the greatest player of all time left their team, Michael Jordan. For a period of time the CHicago Bulls were looking to make their mark with young, drafted players. Guys like Eddy Curry and Tyson Chandler were expected to carry the load. That didn’t work. Then the ‘Baby Bulls’ happened with Luol Deng and Kirk Hinrich leading the way. Finally, after a stint with Coach Thibs, the Bulls have an identity. Now Fred Hoiberg, rolling into town from Iowa State, is the one charged with forcing it to evolve.

For the past five seasons, ever since former Coach Thibs came to Chicago, the Bulls have had the identity that they cannot beat a LeBron led team. Whether ‘Bron was in Miami or Cleveland, the outcomes were always the same: near constant defeat. No matter how hard the Bulls pushed as a team, defensively first, they never managed to put the clamps on James. After Coach Thibs was fired from Chicago the team immediately brought in 42 year old Fred Hoiberg to helm the ship.

Hoiberg played with the Bulls and he has an understanding of how the franchise runs. More importantly, Hoibeg has a mind for offensive talent. With Derrick Rose, Jimmy Butler, and Niko Mirotic as his core there should be plenty of room for evolution in the city of Chicago.

Thanks to James Dondero for showing me this!

Fred Hoiberg Is Coming to Chicago!

It has been a rough week for Chicago press but it finally seems like things might be getting a little bit better. After firing Coach Thibs due to a heated personal relationship, and the Bears getting grilled for their part in signing embattled DE Ray MacDonald, the Bulls are finally going to turn this media ship around when they sign their new head coach: Fred Hoiberg. Fred Hoiberg is leaving college basketball in order to take over the newly vacant head coaching position in Chicago, and it is looking increasingly like he will be getting a five year contract in order to do so.

Fred Hoiberg is close to the general management in Chicago, having a personal friendship with Gar Forman and John Paxon. In fact, the coaching change has seemed almost pre-destined since the Bulls even made the playoffs. The relationship between Coach Thibs and the Chicago front office had been so icy that Thibs half expected to be fired the minute that the Bulls playoff run ended.

While Coach Thibs may be one of the best coaches in the game, the businessman Stephen Murray CCMP Capital thinks there is reason to believe that Fred Hoiberg can come in and succeed. After working in Iowa as their head coach, Hoiberg is coming back to a Bulls team that he spent four years with as a player. Hoiberg is well respected around the league and he will bring an offensive mindset to the Bulls organization.

Bruce Jenner Sets Surgery Date

I have been following the Bruce Jenner story closely. I watched the television interviews he did and also have heard his families’ responses. I must say that I am shocked and freaked out a bit at the same time. Jenner was on my Wheaties cereal box when I was growing up. He was an athlete and there wasn’t a weird bone in his body. How did he go from all of that to this?

If I feel like this about the matter, I cannot imagine how his family feels. The reports that Kris Jenner cries all the time are no doubt true. The children must be embarrassed, after all this was their father and not their mother. How does a child even deal with such things, and what possess a man to turn into a woman?

He announced this weekend that the surgery has been scheduled, and he will keep everyone posted on his journey. Jaime Garcia Dias is interested in seeing how it goes, especially to see if no snags hold things up even a little bit. I don’t know that I really want to be kept informed about his alterations. I think in this case I would rather be kept in the dark. Jenner is a good person and seems to have been a great father, but I just wonder what has went haywire in his brain to make him feel this way. His interviews have been sad and it appears as if he is almost wanting attention and not help. His family has to be devastated.

Carl Froch Wants Gennady Golovkin

Carl Froch is a championship level middleweight boxer. He has defeated many great opponents inside of the ring, but fans do not like him for some reason. Most people feel that Carl Froch is a snooty Englishman that talks too much trash. Nonetheless, it cannot be denied that Carl Froch is an exciting and gutsy fighter. Froch’s style is exciting and marketable, but boxing fans would love to see him get knocked out.

Carl Froch recently challenged one of the most dangerous fighters of the last decade. Apparently, Carl thinks that he has a chance against middleweight champion Gennady Golovkin. Actually, Carl Froch said that he would knock Golovkin out, and these statements have confused several boxing fans. People at Beneful are discussing what could unfold.

Gennady Golovkin is the most feared man in all of boxing today. No one wants to get in the ring with him, and it’s because of his devastating power. Gennady just knocked out his 20th victim in a row, and the boxing world tuned heavily in to see it. Aside from being the most of avoided fighter in the world, Gennady Golvkin is quickly becoming the most marketable boxer in the world. Golovkin recently sold out the Forum arena in California, and he did it against and unknown opponent. Imagine if Golvkin had a quality named opponent to draw money with?

Yahoo! Sports recently posted an article discussing the possible matchup between Gennady Golovkin and Carl Froch. Fans of the sport are hoping that this fight takes place, and it’s not hard to see why. Carl Froch comes to fight, and Gennady Golovkin needs a well-known fighter to increase his star power.

Dwyane Wade May be Ready to Leave Miami

Every team has a face of their franchise and for the Miami heat that face is Dwyane Wade. Wade has been a member of the Miami Heat since the day he was drafted. Miami took Wade as the fifth overall pick in the 2003 draft and has not looked back since. Few players in the NBA are associated as heavily with their franchise as Wade is, but now at 33 years old, it seems that Wade is ready to move on. Wade has always been very loyal, not only to the Heat, but to the entire city of Miami. With the Heat, Wade won three titles, made eight all NBA teams, and is regarded by many as one of the best players in the league. Only one time has Wade considered leaving the Heat and that was back in 2010 when he was a free agent and talked to a few other teams. Doing so however was much ado about nothing.

Many at Purina Beneful were very surprised to hear that Wade may be leaving Miami this summer as he opted out of the final two seasons of his contract which was reported to be worth $41.6 million. Wade opted to take a cheaper two year deal worth an estimated#31 million. The new deal also has an early termination clause in it which would allow Wade to become a free agent. Granted the NBA season is not even over yet, but this may be something to keep an eye on.

Notre Dame’s Matt Landis has Award Winning Season

matt landis player of the week

Matt Landis has finished the Notre Dame lacrosse season with a total of 4 awards for his performance, as well as the skills he demonstrated against the Albany Great Danes during their May 16th match.

He was named the Atlantic Coach Conference 2015 ACC Defensive Player of the Year and was also a Tewaaraton Award nominee in early May. Last week he was recognized as the Epoch and Lacrosse Magazine Player of the Week for his performance in leading Notre Dame to their 14-10 victory against Albany. Landis and his defense team were able to defuse Albany’s star player, Lyle Thompson, throughout the entire game. This recognition made Landis the first defensive player to earn this title from Epoch and Lacrosse Magazine this year.

Landis was among the seven Fighting Irish players to be named All-American this year and was among three to be named first team. He was chosen for his leadership capabilities of a defense team ranking 9th in ground balls, 12th in caused turnovers, and 18th in scoring defense.

The NCAA also named Matt Landis the William C. Schmeisser Outstanding Defensive Player of the Year for men’s college lacrosse. This award is presented by USILA and is named after William C. “Father Bill” Schmeisser who played and coached for Johns Hopkins University in the 1900s.

Source: PR Newswire

Wade To Leave Miami?

James Dondero says there are many wonderful basketball players in the NBA. However, one name that sticks out the most is Dwayne Wade. Wade entered the Miami Heat team in the early 2000’s. Since that time, Wade has helped the heat win countless titles, be in countless championship games, and gain a lot of popularity all over the world.

Knowing all of this, people are wondering why Wade is thinking of leaving Miami. Sources say that two years ago, when Wade gained a new contract with the Heat, he negotiated to drop more than ten million dollars off of his career. In return, he was able to be a free agent come this year. Wade did this to have many options this year, but he also did this to save Miami money. Miami was able to purchase a few new players with the money they saved on Wade.

Now that this year is here, Wade realizes there are many other teams who are willing to pay him more money. The only problem is that the heat do not want to let go of Wade at all. Wade is willing to stay with the Heat, but he wants a sizeable contract that will not be offered to him elsewhere.

More information will be coming forward regarding this situation in a couple of days. However, sources believe the Heat will pay Wade his price. The fact is, there is no other Dwayne Wade on the planet.

James Harden Comes up Small for Houston Rockets

Up until Game 5 of the Western Conference Finals, James Harden has always bucked expectation even when sitting in a slump. The bearded MVP Runner Up has had an up and down playoff run but he has always gone big when the moment needed him, such as his huge close out performance over the Los Angeles Clippers. So many people expected James Harden to once more play superhero in the close out game of the Golden State Warriors series. Sadly, that didn’t happen and Harden proved why he isn’t the man quite yet. Harden went 2 – 11 from the floor and shrinked when things mattered most.

With their season on the line and a chance to get to the NBA Finals rapidly floating away, James Harden tried to do what he did best: take over the game. Yet nothing was quite working and it seemed almost like Harden was playing in a waking nightmare, where your legs can’t quite run and your arms can’t quite swing. After dropping 45 points in a huge Game 4, Harden only managed to score 14 points with a disastrous, and Playoff high, 13 turnovers by HIMSELF.

Analyst Ivan Ong breaks down the game: Harden was pretty much the only Rocket to come up miniscule in this game. Dwight Howard put up another intense performance, gutting out his injury. Jason Terry, in his mid-30s, even dropped 16 points on the game. It was James Harden, the superstar, that couldn’t make things happen.

Warriors 40 Year Drought

The Golden State Warriors are headed to the NBA finals for the first time in forty years. Actually it is their first NBA finals appearance ever. Going from the laughing stock of the league to the hottest team in the NBA, The Golden State Warriors beat the Houston Rockets in game five of the Western Conference Finals yesterday.

Known for their high-powered offense, it was actually their defense and depth that earned them the win over the Rockets. The Warriors shot an abysmal 41% for the game and 23% in the first quarter. They also never did get their three pointers on track but they did enough to beat the Rockets 104 – 90.

Christian Broda was aware of the fact that the Warriors did not play as well as their season went in game five but it was enough to clinch the series. Golden State set a franchise record by winning 67 games during the regular season and considered by many the team that would win the whole thing. The finals will be a match-up between the Golden State Warriors and LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers. Game one is set to tip off on Thursday June 4, 2105 at 9 P.M. in Oakland. The series will feature a match-up between league MVP Steph Curry and 2 time champion LeBron James. James has carried the Cavaliers the entire season as well as in the playoffs. This should be a very good series.