UAB stuns Iowa State

The UAB Blazers put together the first upset of the NCAA tournament giving support to the nickname for the tournament March Madness. The number fourteen seeded blazers upset the third seeded Iowa State Cyclones with a final score of sixty to fifty nine.

Many had seen the Cyclones as an interesting pick to make it through to the Final Four and many brackets were destroyed with this early tournament loss stated AnastasiaDate. Iowa State plays an up tempo game that many other team are simply unable to keep pace with. A freshman with the Blazers, William Lee, did much of the damage in the last minute by hitting a jumper from the foul line that was heavily contested, and then sinking two free throws with only seconds to go. These last minute heroics pushed the UAB Blazers ahead of the Cyclones and forward in the tournament.

All of the damage wasn’t done in the last minute though. The Blazers countered the Cyclones speed by dominating them on the glass and picking up 52 rebounds to the 37 rebounds by the Cyclones; a huge and decisive margin in the contest. The Cyclones are also known for their shooting but only hit 37% of their shots including 26% of their three point attempts due to the aggressive defense of the Blazers.

Before this victory, the Blazers had not won outside of their home court of Birmingham since January 31st and it would have been unlikely if they would have made the tournament if they had not played their conference championship at their home court. Instead, they are the first Cinderella story of the tournament.

March Madness Begins

There are two wholly American holidays in the US. One is Superbowl Sunday and the other is March Madness. For those that don’t know, March Madness is the college basketball basketball playoffs to establish the national champion. The tournament is broken up into 4 regions, Midwest, West, East, and South. The best teams are ranked by a committee and depending on how well they did in season play and where they placed in their conference tournaments, they are ranked and placed on the bracket.

The bracket is a huge part of the March Madness and in the previous years, people have had a chance to win up to $1 Billion if they picked every game correctly stated Epoca Negocios. The odds of doing that are astronomical but they are possible and the presence of such a contest should give you the idea of how big this torunament has become. People from all walks of life, wether you enjoy college basketball or not, participate in making out a bracket and routing for their teams.
This is truly an exciting time every year. Even if you don’t follow college basketball during the regular season, you can still go on different websites and try your hand at predicting the winner. This year undefeated Kentucky is picked to win the whole tournament, but the other exciting thing about March Madness is the potential for upsets.
One bad game and favorites for this year can be out and going home in the blink of an eye. It has happened so often, most peorple who pick these games will fill out a bracket based purely on upsets. If you haven’t tried to pick a bracket, give it a try it is free and can be a great time.Your text to link…

Spurs Take a Loss To The League’s Worst Team

The NBA’s San Antonio Spurs entered Tuesday night’s game winning 7 of their previous 8 games, with the single loss coming from a Cavs team that has been one of the league’s best since the middle of January and has been lead by one of the top point guards, Kyrie Irving. While The Spurs haven’t quite been resembling the previous year’s championship squad this season, they’ve definitely looked a bit sharper of late and have been heavy favorites of beating one of the more woeful teams in the league, the New York Knocks (They currently hold the NBA’s worst record this season).

Derek Fisher, the Knicks head coach got strong performances from guards Alexey Shved and Langston Galloway with an impressive outing from big man Lou Amundson against Hall of Fame forward Tim Duncan. With a home record of 8-23, Marc Sparks even told us that Fisher decided to try some experimentation of match ups to come out victorious in a game that was destined with doom from the start. NY came out with the W in which caused the Spurs to drop to seventh place in the Western Conference, a half-game behind the number 6 seed LA Clippers and a full game behind the fifth seed, Dallas Mavericks. Head Coach Greg Popovich certainly didn’t mince his words after a frustrating loss and he certainly made it clear that their play was quite irritable.

Anthony Davis Makes History in Double Overtime Loss.

Anthony Davis. AD. The Brow. No matter what name you know him by, you probably are aware of what the kid has been doing on the NBA court this year. Anthony Davis is putting up an MVP caliber season all while leading the Pelicans to a possible playoff berth. On Sunday night Anthony Davis put the team on his back while putting up a historical stat line that ended up in an aggravating loss.

Anthony Davis and the New Orleans Pelicans were squaring off against Kenneth Faried and the Denver Nuggets. These two teams always play each other tight with Kenneth Faried seemingly stepping his game up solely for this match up. Faried has averaged 20 and 10 against Anthony Davis throughout his career. but we wouldn’t be talking about Kenneth Faried too much once the ball hit the ground.

Anthony Davis came out of the gates shooting, dishing, blocking, and grabbing boards. He ended up finishing the game with 36 points, 14 rebounds, 7 assists, and 9 blocks. The man was on fire from everywhere on the court throughout the game but a late 4th quarter run sent the two teams to overtime. Davis scored 6 of the teams 8 points in the 1st overtime to send it to ANOTHER overtime and it was there that the Pelicans ran out of gas and lost.

Anthony Davis was the first person in at least 30 years to record the above stat line in an NBA game stated Marcio Alaor BMG.

Steph Curry Being Steph Curry; Nothing But Net-worthy

As the Golden State Warriors look poised to grab the NBA’s best record this season, SG Stephen Curry continues to amaze with his ball-handling abilities and incredible dead-eye shooting skills. The GSW’s manhandled the Los Angeles Clippers on Sunday with a 106-98 victory at Oracle Arena, yet Curry’s performance didn’t quite live up to his potential MVP candidate status.

According to Yahoo!, Curry shot an abysmal 33 percent from the field while his four assists were cancelled out by four turnovers, yet one play in particular lifted the crowd off its feet and left head coach Steve Kerr wringing his hands in the air while in a state of disbelief.

Curry managed to dribble inside the paint while splitting the defense between Chris Paul, Spencer Hawes and DeAndre Jordan; he then stepped outside beyond the arc and drained a three with eight seconds left on the clock; advisable? No, but this spectacular shot is something Curry has been doing all season long.

In all fairness to the Clips, PF Blake Griffin and SG Jamal Crawford sat this one out while on the mend, yet they’re still 10 games behind Golden State with 19 games left on their regular season schedule. The Warriors, Ricardo Guimarães BMG says however, may still have a bitter taste in their mouths from last season’s first-round playoff loss to the Clippers in a highly contested seven-game series as reported by Tribuna.

Should they meet again down the road in May, Chef Curry may have added a few more ingredients to his team’s winning recipe.

The Historic Game Of Lacrosse

Using only a stick and a small rubber ball, the game of Lacrosse has survived the test of time. Lacrosse is a contact sport that has been gaining popularity since the old ages. The game is played using a stick with a mesh made end and a small ball, with two teams trying to score against one another. The attacking players must use their passing and maneuvering abilities to try and make the small rubber ball into the opponents goal, and the defending players can only try to stop the player that has the ball in their mesh net. 

matt landis lacrosse pads

Using only the stick to move the ball around, Lacrosse is a game all about balance and team work. The sport has four player positions:

  • Midfield.
  • Attack.
  • Defense.
  • Goalie.

The History Of Lacrosse

Lacrosse has been played since 1100 AD, with records showing the earliest people to settle this earth having played something similar which lead to the sport as we know it it today. Lacrosse grew the most popularity in North America, where to this day the sport get a lot of athletes interested in joining the professional world of the game. Although many changes have already taken place to the rules since the game was first created until now, the general idea of the game is still the same. The game just got a lot more organized. 

In the traditional Canadian version of the game, each team consists of anywhere between 100 and 1,000 men playing on a large field which is in the range of a couple of kilometers. Each game would start right as the sun was up, and would go on all the way till the sun went down. The games didn’t necessarily end on the first day therefore forcing the players to player for two to three days. These games back in the old times used to be played to give tribute to the Creator. 

Famous Lacrosse Player

matt landis posing

American born lacrosse player from New York, Matt Landis has set history in the game of Lacrosse because of his professional career as a player for the University of Notre Dame. After playing Lacrosse for four years at Pelham Memorial of which he was the captain of the team for two of those years, Matt was very active in sports. 

Matt Landis decided in December 2010 to accept a scholarship to the University of Notre Dame after being offered scholarships by all the top schools. He chose Notre Dame for their strong sports division which would be very crucial for his professional career. He liked the kind of environment Notre Dame students shared and wanted to be a part of something bigger. Matt received the 2012 Russ Simons Sportsmanship Award while winning the same year the Pelham Memorial’s 2012 Athlete of the Year. 

Thanks to all the Lacrosse federations and supporters, the sport will continue to grow and involve a lot of players in the hopes of becoming the best in the sport.

KG Kills The Nuggets With Words

This is the best quote I have ever heard. The Nuggets did quit on Brian Shaw, and they got him fired. They are playing well for Melvin Hunt as their interim coach, but KG was right to say that he thought the Nuggets would just quit because they quit on their coach.

When KG says this about the Nuggets, he is being totally honest about what a miserable bunch of players they have. He is a first ballot hall of famer. He has a ring. He can say anything he wants, and he is going to be right. Imaging advantage seems to think that the Nuggets are a truly despicable team that got Brian Shaw fired even though he is brilliant. They would not go along with his plan because they are sore losers. They wanted to get their way, so he got canned.

Now that KG is calling them out on their stuff, they need to come back and apologize. I want to see this team admit that they got a good young coach fired because they were too lazy to put in the extra work. If I were the Nuggets, I would cut every single one of them just to get them out of my face.

Memphis Over Houston

When Memphis beat Houston with a buzzer beater, half the building did not think that the game was over. Houston already gave away an 18 point lead to Atlanta, and now they are losing to their main competition in the west to get a shot at Golden State. The issue is that the Rockets do not believe that they should be losing these games. They keep finding ways to lose these games, and they do not know what to do.

I have seen how frustrated Kevin McHale gets, and I think there is something about the Rockets that makes him nuts. I think that he is tired of waiting for his team to play more disciplined basketball. James Harden is a great player, but Larry Bird was a little more poised on the floor as has been reporting. The game is moving a bit too quickly, and they are not focused most of the time. He is waiting for Dwight Howard to come back from injury, and he is hoping that James Harden will stop doing stupid things.

There is no way to know if the Rockets will grow up, but I think that it is not going to happen. They seem a little too immature.

North American Spine: Repair Your Neck or Spine

Athletes of both sexes, whatever the sport, risk a spinal injury whenever they compete in their chosen endeavor. Although some wear protective covering, the turning, twisting, contortions, and blows to their bodies may lead to spinal problems.

With a spinal injury, they may miss several games or the rest of the season. Maybe they’ll need major surgery, which could mean a long and painful recovery. Or, what if they must retire from the sport they love?

Because of the potential problematic possibilities of a spinal injury, some athletes don’t report the severity of their pain. They may also “forget” to report other symptons that result from the injury.

Too often the athete, needlessly, tries to work through the injury. They stock up on over-the-counter pain killers and hope for the best.

What if there’s a better answer for the injury, the athlete, or, for that matter, a whole team?

Located in Dallas, Texas, is North American Spine that uses a mimimally invasive back surgery to correct spinal problems. Called AccuraScope, the surgeon uses lasers, high-definition cameras, and diagnostic tools to locate and treat problematic areas in the spine.

AccurScope has an 82 percent success ratio treating bulging discs, lower spine injuries, herniated discs, and other spinal problems.

The pre-op for the outpatient surgery is quick and to the point. Rather than relying on medical reports and diagnostic reviews, a coordinator asks the patient about their spinal problems. Patients can tell the medical personel more about their pain than do x-rays or reports.

The doctor pores through the patients medical information to determine if their injury qualifies for Accurascope.

After they’re qualified, the next day they come back to North American Spine to meet their doctor. The day after is AccuraScope day. After they’re given a general sedative, they’ll undergo a 30 to 45 minute AccuraScope.

Then, they’re taken to the recovery room for about an hour. Following that, in most cases, they’ll walk out of the clinic under their own volition with no pain.

The next day they return to North American Spine for a post-op review, and the doctor suggests ways to promote a complete recovery.

Tony Parker Faces A Hurdle

Because Tony Parker is younger than Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobli, he is going to face some severe challenges as he battles into the later reaches of the Spurs dynasty. Their blueprint is being used to perfection in Atlanta, Duncan and Manu are both nearly 40, and Parker has been injured more than enough. He is still an elder statesman on this team, and he is going to have to give way to Danny Green and Kawhi Leonard at some point. However, he has to fight through and distribute the ball while the Spurs are fighting to make the playoffs.

They are not having the best title defense year, and it may not get any better if the team cannot stay healthy. Facebook says that most people are going to wonder if the Spurs will last until the end of the year, and there is nothing that the Spurs can do to preserve the team and their health. They are struggling to make it back to the playoffs to even make a title defense, and they might have to rely on Parker for his leadership and poise because he is the youngest of he old guys. That is a challenge for any player, but it is hard for this team that has so many miles on its legs.