Yeonmi Park Draws The Ire Of Kim Jong Un

Yeonmi Park is a 21-year old defector who escaped from North Korea under the most brutal of circumstances. Her story is one that touches hearts around the world, but she reminds her listeners that Kim Jong Un does not like her rhetoric. This article explores the case of Yeonmi Park, how she escaped and what Kim Jong Un has done to discredit her stories of oppression in North Korea.

#1: She Escaped To China And Mongolia

The story of Yeonmi Park is almost too sad to note in this article. She escaped with her parents across the border when was in her early teens, but her father died on their first attempt. She later escaped with her mother in Mongolia, and the two of them followed the stars across the stark and unforgiving terrain of the high plains in Mongolia. Yeonmi made her way to Europe, got her education and began to speak out about her fight to escape the regime in North Korea.

#2: Kim Jong Un Hates Hare

Yeonmi is quick to point out that the dictator in North Korea is not fond of her campaign against his government. Yeonmi cannot invade North Korea, but she tells stories of North Korean that are heartbreaking in every respect. Kim Jong Un repeatedly releases statement denouncing Yeonmi, and Un uses his own statistics to refuse what she says. The public relations war being fought between a girl and the leader of a sovereign nation is almost comical. Every retort from Un makes his appear a bit more nervous about how much damage Yeonmi can do.

#3: The Paranoia

The paranoia in North Korea is a real problem for every citizen, and Yeonmi speaks often about how that paranoia caused her great pain as she escaped to the west. Her mother often told her not to whisper during their escape. The silence was necessary to cross the border, and her mother told her the mice and birds could hear her speak.

North Koreans are being watched at all times, and each citizen is in danger of being sent to a prison camp never to return. The fate for even the smallest infraction is terrible, and Yeonmi wants westerners to know the real fear that North Koreans live in every day. This sort of terror far surpasses what any westerner could watch in a horror film.

#4: Nothing Is Free

People often think of North Korea as a socialist nation, but everyone in North Korea lives in enforced poverty. The people of the nation cannot think for themselves, and everyone is watched by guards in the streets. Radios fill homes with messages from the government, and children are taught that the rest of the world is impure. A free society in North Korea turned out to be anything but free for Yeonmi.

The fight for Yeonmi Park is to free her people from the clutches of Kim Jong Un. Un is a young man, and his reign of terror can only be toppled with ideas. Yeonmi hopes that her ideas will free a nation from poverty.

Famous Impersonator Sergio Cortes Brings Michael Jackson to Life

Michael Jackson popularly referred to, as the king of pop by the time of his death was an icon. He was known all over the world by people of all ages. Jackson for his achievements as well as controversies truly left a mark on earth.
Like all famous people, Michael Jackson had thousands of impersonators. However, there is only so far one can go in mimicking and imitating a fellow human being. The story for Sergio Cortes is quite different though. Sergio Cortes doesn’t have to try so hard to impersonate the king of pop. For starters, his looks quite favor him, which is not common for impersonators.
Mr. Cortes took to imitating the pop star at a tender age. Initially, impersonating Jackson was not on his agenda. He was just an awed fan who happened to be intrigued by Michael’s dance moves. This admiration led Sergio Cortes to learn every move Jackson used. Due to his physical attributes that so much resembled Jackson’s, Sergio Cortes attracted a lot of attention with his dance moves.
Sergio Cortes’ celebrity status can be attributed to a local journalist who put his pictures and videos on the internet. Following the online buzz his videos generated, Cortes got regular invitations to shows to perform and imitate Michael Jackson. As a teenager, the boy Cortes attracted so many people to his shows that it got him thinking he could actually make a career out of it. With this realization, he worked to refine his dance moves and ensure he looked and danced exactly like the real Jackson.
Sergio Cortes is not just a normal impersonator. The man not only takes advantage of his looks but has gone the extra mile of learning Jackson’s mannerisms as well.

Cortes worked on his voice to the extent that he sounds just like Michael. When Cortes dresses up, it is nearly impossible to tell him apart from the real Jackson.
The online world is filled with numerous videos of Sergio Cortes doing what he does best, mimicking Michael Jackson. With his dance moves and singing Michael’s songs, Cortes has earned himself a great reputation. He has a large worldwide following on both video sites and social media as well. On Facebook alone, his page has over 17,300 likes.
The 44-year-old Sergio Cortes now lives and works in Brazil. He has taken up impersonation as a career. In Brazil, the man lives like a local celebrity.

Matt Landis and Notre Dame Look Forward To New Year

matt landis senior

The University of Notre Dame, located in Indiana, united states, has a motto that pretty much sums up the general feeling that engulfs you when you are a fan, an alumni or a current athlete in the Notre Dame lacrosse team; life, sweetness, hope. This is a whole nostalgic description of the experiences, playing in the Fighting Irish, Notre Dame team. Anyone who has played in a winning team representing their university or whichever autonomous group the team represents, will agree that it’s not an easily forgettable experience. Playing for the Fighting Irish lacrosse team and being in the first team, in a very competitive league as is the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Division 1, is no mean feat, considering the high competition for a position in the team.The game, ,incorporated as a fully recognized sport in the university program the 1981 season, has seen tremendous growth not only in its proven winning record, but also in producing raw talent, with all round, high performing individuals . A case in hand is the 2009 season, when the team put up a stellar performance, finishing as runners up in the national polls and an undefeated record in the regular season. Not only has the Notre Dame Lacrosse team produced top players but the current coach, Kelvin Corrigan has won many accolades for his impressive record with the team.

that's matt landis
The Fighting Irish lacrosse team, that has most of its starting players currently on internship, is made up of players who have been consistently on an impressive up-trend. A case in hand is the team’s starting defenseman, Matt Landis. When you start to take account of his achievements, you can hardly believe what the young player and Finance student has managed to do, still in his twenties. Matt Landis has received numerous awards for his successful career as a lacrosse player and even displayed strong leadership qualities, leading previous teams he played for, to big wins. His most notable achievement in the Fighting Irish lacrosse team must be his ranking by Inside Lacrosse, as the best defenseman in the class of 2012.
matt landis interviews
The senior has also previously played football and hockey at Pelham Memorial, where he was named Pelham Memorial’s Athlete of the Year 2012. He proceeded to attract similar sentiments in his football team at New York State and several at Westchester County All-League and All-section captaining his ice hockey team. If the stats in his fighting Irish lacrosse team and his previous accolades even at state and county levels are anything to go by, Matt Landis is definitely a defenseman to watch out for!
matt landis blue

Frans Schoeman – Business and Commercial Attorney

These two areas of legal practice, business law and commercial law, overlap in so many issues that if attorneys practice one of these areas, they will most usually have expertise in the other area as well. Commercial law is focused on the goods sale and distribution part, as well as financing certain transactions. Business law, on the other hand, focuses on the other business aspects which may include forming a company, M&A (mergers and acquisitions), rights of shareholders and some of the property issues, such as leasing of warehouse spaces and offices. A product selling business will definitely need an attorney with experience in both of these fields. Frans Schoeman is an attorney in South Africa who has spent 20 years so far specializing in these two areas of law.

About Frans Schoeman

Frans Schoeman is an well educated South African attorney with lot of experience with big companies and huge acquisition. Since his graduation from the University of the Free State/Universiteit van die Vrystaat in 1990, he has practiced law for more than twenty years now, mostly through his work at Joubert Schoeman law firm, where he has been Senior Partner since its foundation. During his time of studies, Mr. Schoeman of cmt-artists was an active member in the Student Society, where he gained valuable experience and leadership skills that served him in his early career. Besides working at Joubert Schoeman, Mr. Schoeman worked with the company of Hofmeyr Herbstein & Gihwala Inc and made valuable experience. His job there was to oversee different fields of litigation focusing on civil and corporate lawsuit. Now when working at Joubert Schoeman, Mr. Schoeman constantly delivers his considerable expertise in a diversity of legal practices. They range from estate law to even forensics, mineral rights and environmental law, where he has extensive expertise, and commercial law, among many others. Recently, his efforts have focused on corporate law working as a Legal Director at TG Mintster Consulting, where he oversees a numerous amount of tasks that range from A&M (acquisitions and mergers) to contracts, procurement and general counseling on legal matters. However, the most ambitious venture of Frans Schoeman is perhaps Phatsima Diamond,a mine that operates in Angola under exclusive directions of Mr. Schoeman. He has been overseeing all legal and typical daily operations of this trans-national firm since 2006, guiding the company with his considerable expertise. He takes care of everything, from management staff to mineral rights concessions management, labor law, and governmental and other authorities contracts. Phatsima Diamond looks confident into entering another decade of growth and industry excellence under the leadership of Mr. Schoeman, which is a worthy acknowledgement to its founder’s vision, cleverness, and experience. Besides his astonishing business accomplishments, Frans Schoeman has been very engaged in community matters and performed pro bono as Senior Partner of Joubert Schoeman, passionately standing up for some of the biggest issues that have impact on our society today. These issues include education, children’s issues, human rights, arts and culture, science, technology and the environment.

Doe Deere And Lime Crime Are Changing How Beauty Products Look

When they are trying to make their skin look and feel its best, most modern women uses beauty products. They have been used for thousands of years. The Egyptians, Chinese, and other ancient culture used a wide range of beauty products that they made from natural elements. They created eye shadow, lipstick, and a variety of creams to make their skin, smooth, supple and attractive. Those products are now mass produced by a host of cosmetics companies. Modern companies use both natural and artificial ingredients to create the beauty products they sell. These products are formulated using a variety of advanced technologies.

Beauty products including hair and skin care products, makeup, perfume, cosmetics, fragrances, nail polish, and men’s grooming essentials rake in over $380 billion each year. There are untold numbers of companies producing and marketing beauty products. They range from mom and pop shops to large multinational corporations. Some of the best known and most successful of those companies include U.S. based Olay, Neutrogena, Estee Lauder, and Avon, French companies L’Oreal and Lancôme, Dove which is British, the German brand Nivea, and the Japanese companies Biore and Shiseidobas.

Many of them use similar ingredients and production methods. They also create products that are designed to do the same thing. Their aim is to help users have even skin tone, hide facial flaws, and highlight their best features. Most of those companies market make-up designed to help users to blend in. This has been the focus of cosmetics and beauty products for over a hundred years. When make-up began to become popular in modern times, pink lipstick, rouge, and nail polish and sedate colored powders, eye shadow, and foundation were the rule. Things have not changed much since then.

But now change is in the air and on the internet. Fashion designer, model, and entertainer Doe Deere on ideamensch is breaking the mold. She has created a line of beauty products called Lime Crime and her products definitely make a statement. First of all, they are not designed to make users fit in. Quite the opposite. Lime Crime is made to help users to stand out. They come in blindingly bright colors that are bound to get you noticed. Doe Deere initially created the Lime Crime line to help highlight her delicate features while she was on stage. At the prodding of the users of her make-up tutorial videos, she is now making them available to the public.

Lime Crime beauty products add excitement to your look and are fun to use. Many people rave about how easy the Lime Crime products are to apply. They also love the fact they resist smudging, and last all day and all night too. Plus Doe Deere makes Lime Crime beauty products using only vegan ingredients and never tests them on animals. Yes Lime Crime beauty products are definitely different. But in a good way. They are created to give users an opportunity for creative self-expression and a chance to let their inner rebel shine.

Handy, the Best Choice for Home Cleaning Services

Handy is a cleaning service provider that was conceived by some students at Harvard who had found it hard to clean or even find a reliable company that would come to their rescue. Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua who were later joined by Weina Scott and Ignacio Leonhardt came up with an idea to establish Handybook (2012) which was to offer cleaning services through an online booking platform. They later changed the name to Handy in 2014. They raised funds through investment companies like General Catalyst Partners and Highland Capital reaching up to $12 million and were able to buy West Coast cleaning business at approximately $10 million or below. Currently, it has 10000 employees some as contractors, handymen, cleaners and plumbers. It has in a way provided employment to several jobless people contributing to the development of the country’s economy. It is based in New York but has offices running in Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago and San Francisco.

Handy is known for its convenience and quality services. They also cast a wide net by running a double market system where in addition to offering cleaning services, they also hire freelancers. This has enabled them capture an enormous market for their services. Handy has expanded since inception to 28 major cities and is undoubtedly still growing based on the announced $15 million received in funding plus another $50 received at a later date. The founders of Handy, led by Hanrahan wanted to solve the supply-demand problem in the cleaning industry hence pursued an aggressive growth, hired more cleaners to reduce the time customers had to wait for the next available cleaner.

Handy has also employed set of programmers to manage their online platform for better customer experience. They have a vision that doesn’t only stop at cleaning the clients’ homes but encompasses taking care of the homes on their behalf. They are bent on creating a brand that offers the best home solutions to their customers and in so doing they do away with erratic house helps and unreliable cleaning agencies. They also have some sort of insurance where unpleased customers can hold them liable and request a refund. This strategy enables customers get their satisfaction and in return Handy’s professionalism is spread. They are also obligated to compensate up to 20 percent of damages which occur as occupational hazard a plus on the customers’ side.

The freelancers hired are run through standard background checks and in-person interviews to ensure security and trust with clients, this eradicates cases of clients losing property to cleaners, and hence the integrity of the company is maintained. They work extra hard to ensure a good contractor-client relationship. Freelancers employed by Handy enjoy the freedom to choose their homes of deployment, room to air out their proposed prices and also having flexible schedules. These strategies have helped big time in maintaining their clients and employees providing a healthy stress-free working environment. Handy’s team of workers do a thorough job practically overhauling their places of work; they believe that the more the smiles on clients’ faces, the more likely they are to be called again, owing to this they are likely to stay in business for quite a long time.

Women not left behind in the Business World

A good businesswoman has positive character traits that propel her to achieve. Businesswomen are slowly gaining on their male counterparts when it comes to leadership positions. For a long time, women were left out in leadership positions. Today women’s opinions are important and are often valued in boardrooms. Susan McGalla is well known in the business world. Her father was a football coach who taught her that despite her gender, her opinion was important, and she could air it out without fear of criticism. McGalla graduated from the Mount Union College with a Bachelor in Business and Marketing. McGalla serves on Mount Union’s board of advisors.

McGalla best known as the previous president of American Eagle Outfitters Inc started her career at Joseph Horne Company. During her time in this organization, she served in different managerial and marketing positions. In 1994, she left the organization for American Eagle Outfitters Inc. At the organization, she was the divisional buyer for woman’s clothing. Hard work pays, she worked her way through different ranks until she became the president of the organization. As the president of the organization, she foreso the launch of 77 kids brands.

Susan McGalla became the chief executive officer at Wet Seal Inc, succeeding Ed Thomas. She left American Eagle Inc after a successful career, in January 2009. She would later leave Wet Seal Inc in July 2012 to start P3 Executive Consulting. Susan McGalla has shared her success tips with young women aspiring to step foot in the competitive male dominated business world. She has successfully done this through public lectures and writings in the form of articles. She is an exemplary example to young business women starting out in the business world.

Among other prominent women is Hillary Clinton, over the years she has advocated for equality between men and women. The former Secretary of State has been fighting for women’s rights for some time now. A poll by CNN showed that she was a suitable candidate for the presidency as she was above top presidential aspirants. This is a challenge to the ladies since Hillary Clinton has proved to them that not even the male counterparts can stop you if you are determined and work hard towards your dreams.

Some of the successful businesswomen have some traits in common; they include;

Education, some of the successful women utter that with an MBA, one gain skills that will make them very competitive in the business world.

Networking, most of the women who have made it when in the business world have a network of useful friends that can guide and support them on matters pertaining to business.

Speak out your mind, women are now playing a significant role in boardrooms, their opinions matter and are frequently needed in boardrooms.

Skout Innovates Online Dating

Online dating has taken on a new face. This form of technology is no longer seen as a service to be mocked. There are dating apps and sites that are available to anyone on any type of device. This could be a laptop, computer, or even smartphone. Most of these online dating apps provide an easy way to navigate through their platform. This easy navigation system provided by online dating sites, compete with one another in order to provide happiness to its users.

Skout is a social app that believes in this, which is why they operate worldwide. Their schematic system offers a new envision for those searching for a mate online. With this app, users are able to communicate with individuals within an earshot from them. Skout on crunchbase believes in connecting and building a social network with those that are close to the user. Which is why they rely on location positioning in order to show matches.

Location has always been a deciding factor when choosing a love interest through online dating. Some individuals prefer to meet people worldwide, while others choose those that are close to home. With the filters provided through the online dating sites, users can have the best of both worlds. This allows them to find their soulmates no matter where they are located.

Online dating doesn’t just rely on location in order to determine a match. Interests, looks and common grounds are other features or characteristics that people search for. When creating a profile on these dating sites, individuals can specify exactly what they are looking for including the type of relation they are in search of. This means if someone is looking for a simple hookup or a long lasting relationship, they can find it right online. Sometimes through online dating, what may start out as a mismatch becomes a soulmate.

Skout has innovated the way online dating is used. Instead of just being an online dating site, this app is a way to meet other friends and devise a local social network. This is for the new person in town or someone looking for a new social circle. The app connects users with similar interests and desires, to build a new social relationship. It doesn’t matter where someone is, whether they are at a restaurant or bar looking for other users, the Skout mobile app will connect these people together. There are many options available on the mobile app in order to create new friendships or relationships.

Features help individuals decide on what online dating app they choose to use. This includes the ease of navigation, the options available or the process in how matches are formed. There are thousands of online dating sites and apps that are available to every user. These sites have become a social platform for people to come together when they are wanting to meet people or get to know someone. The basics behind these sites are similar, however the people that are found and how they are reached is what separates them.

James Dondero: A Global Investment Banking Leader

Investment banks play a major role in the economy because they assist corporations and individuals to raise financial capital. To understand what these types of financial institutions do, it is important to get the difference with other financial institutions. Unlike commercial banks, investment banks do not take deposits directly from customers. Instead, they only play other different roles in the investment process. This forms the main difference with commercial banks where clients can deposit their money and make withdrawals.

These types of banks usually operate using two major lines of business that constitutes buying and selling. The buying element involves giving advice to institutions making investments and this may include purchasing investment services. Businesses involved in this include private equity funds, mutual funds and hedge funds. They ensure that clients on make profit in the process which in the end enables them to make money as a business. The selling part largely constitutes the exchange of securities for cash or other securities. Therefore, investment banks act as the middleman between companies that are selling and the clients that are buying.

Most often, investment banks offer money management services and financial advice to customers. These customers may be companies involved in mergers and acquisitions or issuing stock. What the investment bank does is to advice both parties in order to reach an agreement to facilitate the merger or acquisition taking place. It can also help a company in setting up the stock price in such a way that clients can buy it.

There are several people who have contributed greatly in the investment banking sector in the United States and the world. James Dondero the Co founder of Highland Capital Management is one of them. He is currently a certified management accountant. Dondero has over 30 years of experience working in various segments of investment banking. These vary from high yield and distressed markets to credit and equity markets. He is currently Highland Capital Management’s head of investment strategy and operations for institutional and retail products.
Before starting Highland Capital Management, Dondero worked as the Chief Investment Officer at GIC’ Protective Life. He grew the business within five years from a start up to a business worth over $5 billion. In the ventures he has handled, he has received several awards. They include the Lipper Award for Floating Rate Opportunities received in 2014 and the Morning 5-Star title on Global Allocation also in 2014. He is the pioneer of Collaterized Loan Obligation at Highland Capital Management which is currently used by investment banks in providing credit solutions for investors. He is a graduate of finance and accounting from the University of Virginia. In addition, Dondero serves in various boards including American Banknote and MGM Studios. He was recently appointed to the Board of Directors for NexPoint Residential Trust Inc.

How Bruce Levenson Made Atlanta Hawks Successful

Bruce Levenson was born on October 1st 1945 in Washington D.C. He attended the Washington University where he received his undergraduate law degree. While he was studying law, he began his journalism career at the Washington Star. Levenson co-founded United Communication Group which is an information center that is used to publish news and data analysis for healthcare, technology, telecommunication, energy and mortgage banking. In addition to this, the company owns an application that assists drivers to know the prices of gas in their area.

Atlanta Hawks LLC which was formerly known as Atlanta Spirit LLC was formed to purchase Atlanta Hawks from Turner Broadcasting. The purchase was meant to include Atlantic Thrashers which is a team managed by Levenson. Levenson later hired Danny Ferry as the general manager and the president of Hawks team. Bruce Levenson is also a co owner of the Atlanta Hawks which is a member of the NBA

The Hawks is a professional basketball team which is based in Atlanta, Georgia. The Hawks biggest competitor is the National Basketball Association and they play their friendly matches at Philips Arena. They started as Tri-Cities Blackhawks in 1946 and later became members of the National Basketball Association in 1949. The team changed their name in 1951 to the Hawks. The team won championship in 1958 when they moved to St. Louis and later moved to Atlanta in 1968.

The team is believed to have experienced some changes when it included some talented players. It included Pete Maravich and Lou Hudson and this was a clear indication that the team was moving to the right direction. Ted Turner, who is the owner of Atlanta Braved, hired Hubie Brown to become the team’s head coach in 1977. In Deep South, the Hawks was the only recognized basketball team just as Atlanta Braves were the only major baseball team. Brown helped the Hawks win in 1978, a year after he was elected as the coach. The Hawks won the first division title in Central Division and Second in the city of Atlanta. In 1989, the Hawks broke the record by winning 50 games in each season.

In 1994, Coach Wilkins traded Kevin Willis and Miami Heat for Steve Smith and Grant Long. This made the Hawks have a massive win and Coach Wilkins broke the record with the victory number of 939. Around this time, the Hawks thought of changing their playing Arena. This was meant to last for decades, because the proposed Arena was supposed to be designed by weathering steel. On March 31st 2004, the team was sold to a group of executives by the name Atlanta Spirit LLC by Tim Warner. Today, the teams playing Arena is Philips Arena.