Dick DeVos Keeps his Business in Order

Dick DeVos is a budding philanthropist and political activist. He leads such a busy and public life some of which he shares on social media through Twitter and Facebook. Beyond these duties, Dick DeVos is also a serial entrepreneur with interests in several companies.


Borrowing a leaf from his late father, Dick started working at Amway Corporation around 1974. He was mentored by his father Richard Senior and shuffled around various departments such as research and marketing. Soon, he would be one of the most experienced heads in the firm, a factor that contributed to him becoming a vice-president.


Dick DeVos always knew how to take advantage of an investment opportunity. He noticed a gap in storage organization and manufacture and established the Windquest group to meet the demands. Dick discharged all his duties in both firms simultaneously. At one point, he filled in the vacant CEO’s seat at the Orlando Magic NBA team upon its acquisition by his father.


At the turn of the new century, Dick DeVos returned to Amway as its President and oversaw the next phase of expansion in the firm. The Amway Corporation became a constituent company of the Alticor group and opened up markets in about 50 countries worldwide. The development allowed the franchise to double its sales and profits. For more details about Dick DeVos and his businesses click here.


Politics have also taken up a lot of time and energy for Mr. DeVos. He had to appoint stewards for his business interests on a daily basis while maintaining oversight at management board level. This move allowed his businesses to thrive abroad as witnessed with the Windquest group which has now become a leading home storage and organization firm. In fact, the Windquest group also restructured into the Stow Company Inc. to meet demands.


Dick DeVos recently made a new appointment at the firm after the retirement of long-serving CEO Frank Newman. Phil Dolci is set to take office and lead the firm into a new era. During the appointment, Dick expressed confidence in the incoming boss citing his impressive resume and industry experience. Phil has an economics degree from the University of Chicago and an MBA from the Northwestern University.


Phil Dolci now takes charge of the resources at the Stow Company including 300 employees and production units in Holland and Indianapolis. On the other hand, Frank Newman gets to serve on the board.


George Soros’ Verdict on China’s Economy

Born in 1930, and George Soros is an economist who originates from Budapest. He is the chairperson of the Soros Fund Management LLC and the Open Society Foundations. George Soros survived the Nazi occupation during World War 11. He fled Hungary, which was then a communist-dominated region for England in 1947. During his stay in England, Soros graduated with a degree from the London School of Economics. Later after his graduation, Soros moved to the United States where he managed to accumulate a vast fortune. Soros fortune came as a result of the international investment fund on https://www.project-syndicate.org/columnist/george-soros that he founded and led it himself. Soros has been a philanthropist since the year 1979. He used to provide funds to help black students attend Cape Town University that was located in the apartheid, South Africa.

George Soros is also an author, in most of his articles, Soros talks about the current affairs of the world market. Prominent Newspapers and magazines across the world have published George Soros’ articles that describe the situation of the world’s markets trends.

The philanthropist says that China’s debt-fueled economy brings the memory of the United States crisis back in 2007-08. The billionaire states that China’s March credit growth figures on http://www.marketwatch.com/story/is-george-soros-right-about-the-coming-crash-in-china-2016-04-22 should be taken seriously since it could be indicating a major crisis. China’s broadest measure of new credit was announced to be 2.34 trillion Yuan according to the Bloomberg survey. The reports are said to indicate that the government prioritizes the economy’s growth over reigning in the debt. Soros’ opinion engaged him into a war of words with the Chinese government. According to George Soros, China’s banking system has plenty of loans than deposits. The banking system also faces problems in the assets and liability sectors.

The surge in new credit in March helped China’s economy to gather pace as the area property rebound. New prices rose by 62 percent in Shenzhen. George Soros says that China’s real estate is capable of sustaining itself just the way it was with the United States between 2005 and 2006. Soros says that the current situation being faced in China could worsen than what was seen back in 2008. Investors were cautioned by the philanthropist, not to take China’s situation lightly. George Soros explains that if the current China’s situation is not taken seriously, then it could end up affecting the whole world’s economy.

China’s Communist Party has, however, promised the people of China to raise Yuan’s exchange rate by the year 2020. The ruling political party has also pledged to dismantle the country’s capital controls slowly. Even though China’s economy is the second-largest in the world, the weakness remains a major problem even after the People’s Bank of China cut interest rates. Authorities have also been reported to have pumped billions into the economy with the aim of salvaging it.

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Yeonmi Park’s Fight for Freedom

If Yeonmi Park hasn’t popped up in your news feed lately then we can quickly remedy that situation. Yeonmi Park is the latest, and loudest, defector of North Korea and she has already made some serious waves with her position. The government of North Korea has been in full attack mode trying to discredit Park’s incredible story, but it appears that they won’t be successful. Yeonmi Park is releasing her first book Amazon.com’s , “In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom”, and inside of its pages readers will get a first hand look at the madness of North Korea and the power of the human spirit, according to Reason.com.
To get a full look into Yeonmi’s story we strongly suggest either reading her book or watching any of the numerous speeches that the young woman has given. Park was only 13 when she was forced to flee for her life from North Korea. Over the next several years she would experience the entire range of human emotions: sold into human trafficking where she would work as a slave, given news of her father’s death due to cancer, and ultimately her first taste of freedom as she fled her oppressors and made her way to South Korea. It’s almost a shame that her journey can be even bulletpointed because the full extent of it is so striking, so dark, and so inspiring to know that she made it through to the other side.

Now Yeonmi is coming under fire from Pyongyang as the North Korean government tries to paint Park as not credible. Pyongyang has always taken an interest in making sure that North Korean defectors never gain any true traction. Their people are dependent on belief that the government is always right, even when they are so clearly wrong. So, having Yeonmi Park speak so clearly about the issues in North Korea can only be construed as a direct attack on the delusions of North Korea’s oppressive regime. Pyongyang has already released numerous videos trying to paint Park as unreliable but they come too late, her story is out there for the world to see.


Buying Beneful For My Dog Shows That I Care

There is something about premium dog food that I could not put my finger on, but I knew it’s better than anything else that the pet store has to offer. In terms of happiness and health, I saw premium dog food change my dog’s way of life. I was not sure why it was so much better than the other brands of dog foods. The cheaper brands look disgusting, but that is obvious. Then, I started looking closer at the premium brand that I buy, and I saw that the ingredients were much better. I even found an article on the Daily Herald’s website that shows what premium dog food companies do to make their products great for the dogs that they love.
Buying Food From Premium Companies

It is the same for dog food as it is for everything else in the world. When you buy premium brands of something, you are buying a better product altogether. A premium brand is made with more care, and it is constructed better. Premium dog foods are like premium cars. If you buy a premium car, then you should expect it to be made well. Premium brands are made with high quality ingredients. Take Beneful as an example. Beneful is made with high quality ingredients that make pet owners feel proud to put it in their dog’s bowl. Everyone I talk to that feeds their dog Purinastore Beneful brand (https://www.purinastore.com/brands/beneful) raves about how Beneful smells good, and it has real ingredients in the recipe that make it better to give to your dog.

If you have thought about the responsibility of owning a pet at all, then you will realize that owning a pet means that you are in charge of providing the best quality of life possible for that animal. I do this by loving my dog, taking him on walks, and by buying Beneful on Wal-mart for him. My dog loves the Beneful Baked Delights Dog Treats that I buy for him. They go really fast because I love to reward him with them frequently. Here’s a link to the Daily Herald’s article.

Choosing Beneful, A Premium Quality Food

What Makes A Good Dog Food?

When I started taking my health seriously by reading ingredients labels and cooking food at home, I decided to take the same approach in my dog’s diet. I now look at the ingredients labels on the dog food that I buy as well. I don’t know why I was wasting my money on the cheap dog food in the past. That food was garbage. I used to have to buy twice as much of it in order to make my dog happy with his meal. Now, I choose to buy Beneful’s premium dog food because it is packed with wholesome ingredients.

Purinastore makes everything from dry dog food to premium quality wet foods to healthy dog treats. Their premium quality dry dog food comes in eight different options. One of the premium dry dog foods that Beneful sells is made just for young dogs. We bought it for our dog when he was a puppy, and he loved that dog food. It’s called Beneful Dry Dog Food Healthy Puppy. It is made with real chicken, and it has peas and carrots in it. It also has a supplement called DHA that helps with your puppies vision and neural development.

When your dog grows up, be sure to keep feeding him a premium brand of dog food. Beneful makes a dry dog food that I stand by. It’s called Beneful Dry Dog Food Originals. This dry food comes in three varieties, including real chicken, real beef and real salmon.

My dog was having trouble maintaining a healthy weight, so we started feeding him Beneful Dry Dog Food Healthy Weight in order to help restrict his calorie intake. On many occasions we will supplement his diet with one of Beneful’s tasty wet foods that are out of this world. Their wet foods are packed with juicy ingredients. Chopped Blends is their signature recipe, and it comes in several varieties. They have 20 different kinds of wet foods in total, so you can try them all with your dog. Dogs like having these choices, too. Click the link to visit the Beneful twitter page: https://twitter.com/beneful



Wedding Dress Trends You Have To Be Completely Aware Of

Wedding dress trends change every year, but the changes in wedding dress trends are always fairly interesting. Women can wear something that is very relevant for the times, but they have to make sure that they hit on that trend while it is still hot. There are a few trends worth knowing from JustFab, and they might inform how women pick out their wedding gowns.

Short sleeves are a very big thing in the wedding dress industry today on justfab.com. Ladies can wear wedding dresses that are made like the casual dresses they would wear every day, but the dresses have amazing skirts that make them appropriate for weddings. The short sleeve is a cute way for a girl to find her inner Wednesday Addams.

Big and strapless is another look that any woman can get behind. It is does not matter if a woman has the traditional bust for a big wedding gown because she can get a strapless gown that has a massive skirt. The strapless gown in JustFab is pretty timeless, but the big skirt helps take attention away from a woman with a smaller bust. There are some great skirts in this range that make the dresses look great for a wedding, and the tops do not have to do all the work on the gown.

Double and triple skirts are also in this season on Youtube. The double and triple skirt has more than flounce in it. There are two or three skirts that are jutting out from the body of the dress, and they create a lot more character on crunchbase.com than the dress would have had otherwise. There are a lot of women who want to get something that looks a little bit more avant garde, and they can get that when they choose a dress that has more than one skirt.

Layered skirts are another way to look at this fashion trend of JustFab. Some women will appreciate the fact that they can get layered skirts on the bottom of their dress. There might not be one or two defined skirts on the bottom of the dress, but there might be many different layers that all constitute another form of a skirt below the waistline.

The Deep V is the last of the trends for the season, and it is something that invites women to call attention to their bust in a way that is sexy and secretive. The deep V shows some skin, but it does not show too much skin. It is a great look for women regardless of the size of their bust, and it is a fun look that makes the dress look distinctive. Any woman can try any of these trends on any gown, and she will look fashion forward when she walks down the aisle.

Oil Experiences Huge Stockpiles and Low Prices


In a very surprising turn of developments, the United States has run into a problem with oil production. No, oil wells across the country have not dried up. Rather, the United States is quickly running very short of space in which to store oil. Right not, the United States is awash in a glut of oil. Prices have dropped dramatically as a result.

Per the Energy Information Administration, the United States supply of stockpiled crude is the highest amount in 80 years. 503 million barrels are stored.

The positive to the high stockpile of crude is fuel prices have dropped. Since supply far exceeds demand, the price of gasoline has dropped dramatically. People like Marc Sparks are not exactly complaining about “pain at the pump” when they are saving $1 per gallon.

Not all the news related to low energy prices is automatically positive. Oil companies end up experiences far less revenue. This means layoffs. An oil company is not going to expand drilling when there is no need for crude. That means less people working. Local economies reliant on the oil industry begin to suffer. This is the case as what is happening in North Dakota. A lesson emerges from this outcome. No one reliant on oil sales should ever expect high sales and high prices to last forever. Gluts can occur.

The massive amount of domestic fracking along with increased oil production in Saudi Arabia eventually caused the huge drop in oil prices.

Community Asked To Take Time To Heal After Olympic Valley Incorporation Battle Ends

The fight over what is the best course of action open to the community of Olympic Valley has finally come to an end after four years of debate and anger within the community on the north shores of California’s Lake Tahoe. The Reno Gazette-Journal reports the CEO of the historic Squaw Valley, Andy Wirth is now seeking to lead the community in a period of healing the rifts that have formed over the course of the incorporation debate for Olympic Valley.

Andy Wirth has led a number of resorts in the Caribbean and North America over the course of his career and found success on a regular basis with his hands on approach to management. The latest plans for expanding the Squaw Valley resort include the addition of a gondola link between the resort and nearby Alpine Meadows; Powder reports Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows are divided by private land, but Wirth has used his negotiating skills to make sure landowners are willing to allow the construction to take place.

Andy Wirth understands the need to move on from problems in the past after he was involved in a skydiving accident that almost cost him both his arm and his life; since the accident Wirth has been looking to increase his business and philanthropic efforts to make sure he makes the most of the chances he has been given in the remainder of his life.

Incorporation was considered for Olympic Valley as some business and community leaders felt the formation of a town would allow them a better chance to grow the area as an even more popular tourism area. A proposed hotel room tax was to be used to raise funds for the area, but some concerned community members believed this would not have been sufficient to maintain existing services at their current level. Andy Wirth put forward his opinion that the incorporation plan would not be of benefit to the area and a loss of essential services would harm the tourism industry Olympic Valley relies upon. Despite the success the no campaign to incorporation has achieved Andy Wirth has quickly held out an olive branch to those on the other side of the argument in a bid to make sure the area recovers as quickly as possible from the hurt the debate has caused.

Slyce’s Financial Reports For 2015 Shows Promise

Slyce a leader in the image recognition industry, based in Ontario, ON recently released it’s financial statements for the year of 2015 including the fourth quarter which ends on October 31, 2015. Two months prior Slyce reportedly formed a partnership with shoes.com. Shoes.com is a fast growing company that specializes in retailing footwear online to consumers. How Slyce fits into the picture is that they allow consumers to take a picture of any shoe that might interest them in the real world, and Slyce’s technology is able to search for a similar shoe or one that closely matches it allowing the customer to purchase the shoe that peaked their interest instantly. Weeks later fashion guru Neiman Marcus reportedly acquired the same technology from Slyce and incorporated it into his fashion line. Not only does such software allow customers to shop for shoes, but also for jewelry, handbags, apparel, etc. Two months later in early October, industry leading retailer, Urban Outfitters also incorporated the same technology within their company.

Due to this trend catching wind as of recently, investors are now readily investing in Slyce to help create even more partnerships in the future. In 2014 Slyce only had a revenue of $89,803. The following year that figure grew substantially, totalling $1,692,292. That is a astounding 1,784 percent increase from the previous year. Just in the fourth quarter alone, Slyce was able to rake in $661,458 in revenue, compared to the fourth quarter the previous year of only $78,560. Due to retailer’s growing interest in providing a new and innovative way for consumers to shop, Slyce’s yearly revenues is sure to increase exponentially over the upcoming years making CEO of the company, Mark Elfenbein confident in the company’s potential. So far Slyce has partnered with Neiman Marcus, Tilly’s, J.C. Penny, Urban Outfitters, and Home Depot.

Sanjay Shah Starts Solo Capital

Solo Capital is a boutique financial that is currently based in the United Kingdom. The company was started few years ago in the outskirts of London. At the start, the company was operating in a very small rented room that represented the office. The company also had very few employees at the start, and it was only dealing with brokerage activities. In the year 2011 during the month of September, Solo Capital Market was incorporated, and since them, it has emerged to be one of the best performing companies in the whole country. The company has also increased the amount of services it offers its consumers. It currently employs a good number of individuals from different parts of the world, and it has also managed to move from the small rented room to a big building.

Solo Capital market has also increased its net worth over the years. When it was starting, the institution was only operating in one small office, but it has now spread in several parts of the world, opening many branches. Some of the biggest branches of Solo Capital Market are found in London and Dubai. Throughout the years, it has been regulated by the United Kingdom regulations. Solo Capital Market is managed by the Solo Group Holdings, an institution owned by Sanjay Shah.

Sanjay Shah is the person behind the success of Solo Capital Market. Many years ago, his parents moved from Kenya and settled in London. They gave him the opportunity to study in some of the best schools in the country, and after several years, he went to study medicine in one of the most prestigious universities located in the city. He however changed his mind while doing medicine. He felt that he was not comfortable and good enough, so he opted to abandon the profession and settle for accounting.

The finance sector was a good choice for Shah. He immediately got employment at some of the most prestigious banks in London after completing his education. The experience he got from the banks has played an important role in the success of the company. He however did not like the idea of being employed and spending over ten hours sitting in the bank. He decided to leave this career too. This time round, he did not look for employment elsewhere. The financial crisis that occurred during that period also left most financial institutions in the country in a bad position, so it was not a wise decision to continue working there.

Shah moved from the banking industry and started Solo Capital Market and his dream of having his own company came true. Solo Capital Market has done well in its annual revenues, and today he is a great millionaire.

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