How Bruce Levenson Made Atlanta Hawks Successful

Bruce Levenson was born on October 1st 1945 in Washington D.C. He attended the Washington University where he received his undergraduate law degree. While he was studying law, he began his journalism career at the Washington Star. Levenson co-founded United Communication Group which is an information center that is used to publish news and data analysis for healthcare, technology, telecommunication, energy and mortgage banking. In addition to this, the company owns an application that assists drivers to know the prices of gas in their area.

Atlanta Hawks LLC which was formerly known as Atlanta Spirit LLC was formed to purchase Atlanta Hawks from Turner Broadcasting. The purchase was meant to include Atlantic Thrashers which is a team managed by Levenson. Levenson later hired Danny Ferry as the general manager and the president of Hawks team. Bruce Levenson is also a co owner of the Atlanta Hawks which is a member of the NBA

The Hawks is a professional basketball team which is based in Atlanta, Georgia. The Hawks biggest competitor is the National Basketball Association and they play their friendly matches at Philips Arena. They started as Tri-Cities Blackhawks in 1946 and later became members of the National Basketball Association in 1949. The team changed their name in 1951 to the Hawks. The team won championship in 1958 when they moved to St. Louis and later moved to Atlanta in 1968.

The team is believed to have experienced some changes when it included some talented players. It included Pete Maravich and Lou Hudson and this was a clear indication that the team was moving to the right direction. Ted Turner, who is the owner of Atlanta Braved, hired Hubie Brown to become the team’s head coach in 1977. In Deep South, the Hawks was the only recognized basketball team just as Atlanta Braves were the only major baseball team. Brown helped the Hawks win in 1978, a year after he was elected as the coach. The Hawks won the first division title in Central Division and Second in the city of Atlanta. In 1989, the Hawks broke the record by winning 50 games in each season.

In 1994, Coach Wilkins traded Kevin Willis and Miami Heat for Steve Smith and Grant Long. This made the Hawks have a massive win and Coach Wilkins broke the record with the victory number of 939. Around this time, the Hawks thought of changing their playing Arena. This was meant to last for decades, because the proposed Arena was supposed to be designed by weathering steel. On March 31st 2004, the team was sold to a group of executives by the name Atlanta Spirit LLC by Tim Warner. Today, the teams playing Arena is Philips Arena.

Monta On His Way?

Dallas Mavericks guard Monta Ellis is a free-agent this summer and is engaged in serious discussion with the Indiana Pacers. It looks as if his time in Dallas will be done, when Ellis decided to opt-out of his contract in June it made it an unlikely scenario for him to resign with the Mavs. This is sad news to some Mavericks fans, who although they did not experience the success they had hoped for over the last two seasons, did see the potential excellence that Ellis provides at guard. His speed and explosiveness were an exciting compliment to the aging Dirk Nowitzki. If the team was able to form a better defense around them they could have been a championship partnership. However, Doe Deere understands that injuries and other issues held them back and led to Dallas’ first round exit from the playoffs.

The Pacers, who missed the playoffs last season, still have a talented roster and could be contenders in the Eastern conference with some effective moves this off season. The addition of Ellis would bolster Indiana’s back court and give them another scorer to go along with rising star Paul George.

The NBA’s Atlanta Hawks

The NBA is chock full of teams from different places all across the country. The Atlanta Hawks franchise is just an example of one of these many teams on

The Atlanta Hawks are the NBA’s basketball franchise that is based in Atlanta, Georgia and plays all of its home games in Philips Arena, while currently being under the ownership of Tony Ressler. The team’s colors are red, gray, volt green and white and play in the Southeast Division of the Eastern Conference of the NBA, with divisional rivals including the Charlotte Hornets and the Miami Heat. In terms of accolades and successes, the Hawks have won five divisional titles, four conference titles, and one championship coming in 1958.

The Atlanta Hawks were first founded back in 1946, when they were originally known as the Tri-Cities Blackhawks, who were members of the-then National Basketball League. Originally, they were based out of the “tri-city” area in Iowa and Illinois. Three years later in 1949, the team was officially accepted as a part of the National Basketball Association (NBA), becoming only one of the original seventeen teams to start as members of the league. The team eventually moved to St. Louis, Missouri in 1955 and reached the peak of their tenure in the city by ending the 1958 season with a win in its first championship against the Boston Celtics. During this time the team was owned by Ben Kerner, but by 1968 he ended up selling the team off to Tom Cousins and Georgia governor Carl Sanders, and the team was moved to Atlanta. For a short time the Hawks played their games at the pavilion on the campus of Georgia Tech, before an official stadium could be built. It was in 1977 that Ted Turner bought the team, having already become owner of the Atlanta Braves baseball team as well.

One of the people who has had ownership of the Atlanta Hawks was Bruce Levenson. Levenson was born in Washington, D.C. but spent most of his youth in Chevy Chase, Maryland. He attended college at Washington University in St. Louis, and then went on to graduate from law school at American University. In 2004 Levenson, along with Ed Peskowitz, purchased the Atlanta Hawks LLC from Turner Broadcasting and were then majority partners of the entire franchise and Philips Arena. This meant that he also briefly had some ownership over the Atlanta Thrashers hockey franchise until they were sold off to the National Hockey League in 2011. Aside from being an owner of the Atlanta Hawks, Levenson has also had a hand in other personal works, such as being a founding donor for the United States Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C. In addition to this, he is also a major fund donor for the “Bringing the Lessons Home” program at the museum, which is geared towards teaching students about the history of the Holocaust and helping them learn how to be tour guides at the museum.

Atlanta Hawks: Three Generations of Fans

My sport has always been basketball, and my favorite team in the NBA has got to be the Atlanta Hawks. Since I was a little boy at my grandpa’s knee, I have been a die-hard Hawks fan. I can remember him telling me that he remembered when they first started out in 1949. Back then, he said they were called the Tri-Cities Blackhawks. A couple of years later, they changed their name to the Hawks when they moved to Milwaukee, WI. By the time I was born in 1970, they had moved to their present city of Atlanta, GA. Grandpa, Dad, and I always looked forward to basketball season and watching our Hawks. Dad pointed out one time that some of their players, such as AJ Horford, Jeff Teague, Kevin Willis and Doc Rivers went on to the major leagues.
We all have our favorite players and ones who we feel made the team so popular. My grandpa used to talk about how he loved to watch Bob Petit play. Pettit joined the team about five years after it started. He also reminisced about the Hawks going to the finals after Ed Macauley joined them. My family was not alone in the growing fan base of this poplular team. Tom Cousins bought the team and moved it from the smaller Kiel Auditorium to its present place in Atlanta. The Kiel only had room for ten thousand fans and was not large enough to contain the exponential explosion of new fans coming to the games.
My beloved grandfather is gone now; but his love of the game still lives on in my dad, me, and my two sons. We try to keep up with news articles about the Hawks and saw that they were purchased for nearly a quarter of a billion dollars in June of this year. The new owners are Grant Hill and Tony Ressler from the Areas Management Company. We have confidence that current coach, Mike Budenholzer, is going to make the Hawks soar even higher this year.
The city of Atlanta eagerly adopted this team that came to them in 1968. Those who have a chance to go to Atlanta to see a live home game are certainly in for a treat. Residents of this legendary Southern city show their Hawk pride by displaying banners and official colors everywhere. A lot of cars of Hawks bumper stickers and many of the stores sell licensed Atlanta Hawk wares. The Phillips Arena overflows with fans and the excitement is absolutely electric. The hearty cheering fills the arena and can be deafening at times.
Formally, the Hawks had been owned by Bruce Levenson and the Atlanta Hawks, LLC. Terms of the sale provided rights for the team in Phillips Arena and the stipulation that the team must stay in Atlanta. Even though he does not own the team anymore, Bruce Levenson is still prominent and respected in the NBA world. He continues tenure on the NBA Board of Governors for the past decade.
Levenson is well-known for his charitable works and donations to many humanitarian foundations. Born into a Jewish family in Chevy Chase, Maryland, Levenson has not forgotten is modest upbringing. His wife Karen Boyarsky Levenson and their three sons founded the Hoops Dreams Foundation. It fulfills the dreams of many underprivileged children by letting them meet their favorite basketball hero.
It is a basketball legacy that makes me proud. Whether they win or lose, the Atlanta Hawks will continue to be our family favorite. The love of this NBA team has continued through three generations and I see that my boys are probably going to share the love with their children someday.

Chicago Blackhawks Begin to Blow up Roster.

The Chicago Blackhawks are one of the rare franchises that seems able to blow up their roster after every championship and not really miss a step. The Blackhawks have been winning Stanley Cups every other season for the past six years and Chicago fans would likely be fine with that trend going forward. Jettisoning good players has been a part of the NHL salary cap system for awhile, but you never want to give up elite young talent. Unfortunately Chicago just dealt one of their premier young players in Brandon Saad to the Columbus Blue Jackets.

Saad is only 22 years old and he is coming off of a 52 goal, 74 point season with the Blackhawks. Set to become a restricted free agent, the Blackhawks had made resigning him a priority in their book. Fans like Brad Refiler know that unfortunately it appears that Saad wanted more money than Chicago was willing to pay and this forced them to deal the player while they could still get something for him. Saad and teammate Alex Broadhurst were dealt for Artem Anisimov, Marko Dano, Jeremy Morin, Corey Tropp and an additional fourth round draft pick.

Artem Anisimov is likely the biggest name that Chicago is getting back and they’ll focus on signing him to an extension, the other players will likely see little ice time. Anisimov is a 6’4 player that specializes in the penalty kill, something the Blackhawks have had major issues with these past few years.

Southeast Division Is NBA’s Toughest

The NBA is home to one of the most roster churning leagues in all of professional sports. Players are traded more in the NBA than in any other sport and often some of the bigger ones in the league. In the NFL, for example, it is rare to see a franchise player ever dealt. This past offseason we saw several switch teams. With roster churning at a discount you are always possibly looking at divisions reconstructing themselves overnight. Just look at where Cleveland went in a single offseason: cellar dwellers to the NBA Finals. One of our favorite divisions happens to be the Southeast and we think a few teams are primed to take off. Let’s break them down a little bit.

Atlanta Hawks
Bruce Levenson bought the team back in 2002 and by 2007 he had the franchise headed in the right direction. The acquisition of Al Horford and the summarily quick offloading of Joe Johnson set Atlanta on the right path. With Coach Mike Budenholzer at the helm the Hawks were able to hit 60 wins and make it to the ECF for the first time in almost 60 years. Atlanta saw some roster churn this past offseason, mostly in losing Demarre Carroll, but it looks like they’ll be primed for another strong year.

Washington Wizards
The Wizards have been on the verge of true decency for a long time. Last year the Wizards fell short of a 50 win season but they still put up a fight in the playoffs. Washington has another year of experience under their belt and talk within the organization makes it seem like Bradley Beal’s continued evolution could be the fuel by which the team moves going forward. John Wall is entering his competitive prime and is one of the most talented guards in the league.

Miami Heat
The Heat went from NBA Finalists all the way to not making the playoffs due to LeBron James leaving and a season ending injury to Chris Bosh. Wade and Bosh are back healthy and Goran Dragic just got a fat paycheck. With integral bench additions the Heat should be primed to compete once more and could be darkhorse candidates to steal the division.

Charlotte Hornets
The Hornets are perhaps the only team within the division that we have no faith in. From their lack of game changing talent to the bumbling front office, the Hornets seem destined to be mediocre for years to come.

Orlando Magic
Our favorite team in the division only won 25 games last year. Elfrid Payton, a rookie point guard, did his best Rajon Rondo impression by providing nightly triple double numbers. Victor Oladipo inched toward stardom while Nikola Vucevic established himself as an elite big man in this league. Another strong draft could have Orlando near the top.


How many of you have heard of Kenneth Griffin. He is CEO of a large hedgefund company in Chicago. He is one of the top minds in the financial world. That is saying a great deal, because there are lots of top minds in this world. He is one of them. He started early and worked hard to make a name for himself. Kenneth is really your go-to-guy for advice on how to succeed in investment banking. Learn more about him on his official site. Google also has tons of information on him too.

Looking for some simple advice to tide you over for a while. Below are some simple suggestions on how to make a name for yourself, just like Kenneth did.


You are going to a small fish in a very big pond. This is how everyone starts out. Use this as an opportunity to learn and grow. In basic terms, you will be a peon. Don’t start your first day on the job thinking you know it all, because you don’t. No one knows it all on their first day.

Kenneth began his career this way. Listen to what others tell you. Learn from what they do and say. Some day you will be the one in their shoes.


Everyone has their own path on this field. Some prefer to do business school. Some prefer to network. Others prefer to cold call. I don’t really recommend the cold calling way. It’s impersonal. You will get lots of people slamming the door in your face and hanging up on you. Cold calling is ruder way to go about this career path.

If you have a strong stomach for rejection and building your career up this way, give it a shot. Networking and business school are both going to be your best approach. You can build strong personal relations this way. It also gives your business the personal touch. It doesn’t matter what avenue you try in the end, you need to have a game plan.


Never say you are doing it because it “pays well.” Never admit that money is your sole reason for doing it, even if that is the truth. You need to prepare your story. You also need to share your story. Your job is to inspire others to get involved, but only in a positive way. Your job is to give value to your work. Remember, your words will echo what you bring to the table. Choose how you handle you and your story very carefully.


This is one of the steps that kills lots of people. I only suggest getting into this line of work if you like being around people. You are going to have to network like crazy. You will spend most of your days being as social creature. This is why this line of work is best for extroverts. If this is not you, pick something else to do for a living.


This line of work will boost your resume and career in a big way. The trick is to put yourself out there and be with the people. Investment banking is more then just the money, it’s about the people. It’s about selling yourself to the people and relating to them. Customers are not going to buy what you have to offer, if they don’t buy into you first. This is something that Kenneth learned early on. Why do you think he is so successful. Do yourself a favor and get to know Kenneth Griffin. Networking with him could be one of the best choices you ever make.

The Success of Bruce Levenson

One of the most successful American businessman of the present day is Bruce Levenson. He is both a former NBA owner as well as a philanthropist. Levenson even used to be a co-owner of the Atlanta Hawks basketball team. Since 2004, Levenson even was a member of the NBA Board and served as the Governor. One of Levenson’s many accomplishments include the fact that he has a savvy business mind and co-founded a major company known as United Communications Group. United Communications Group was founded in 1977. Other accomplishments include the fact that Levenson was the founding board member of TechTarget. TechTarget is an IT media based company.

Bruce Levenson’s life started in Washington D.C., where he was born to a Jewish family. Though he was born in Washington D.C., he grew up in Chevy Chase, Maryland. His success started when he went on to college. Levenson attended school in one of the most prestigious Universities in the world, Washington University, St. Louis. After his successful 4 years in school, Levenson went onto law school at American University. Levenson, to save time, attended law school at night. While doing so, he furthered a career in journalism by taking a job to work for Washington Star.

After his many years of education, Levenson started his successful career as a businessman. Levenson with fellow co-founder, Ed Peskowitz created United Communications Group. This company was started in Gaithersburg, Maryland. The entire company was started in Levenson’s apartment. There, in his apartment, the two worked on printing newsletters. The newsletters focused on the development of the oil industry. After a little bit of success, United Communications Group acquired other business letters. The company even launched databases that specialized in oil price information services. The company itself specialized in sharing information about data, news and analysis for health care, energy, mortgage banking, technology, telecommunications, as well as other industries.

Levenson does not only have a savvy business mind but is also a philanthropist who takes care in helping others who have not had the success that he has experienced. Levenson has been an active member of the Community Foundation of Washington D.C. Levenson was even involved with a organization called the I Have a Dream Foundation. The I Have a Dream Foundation is an organization that helps children who come from lower-income families, pursue a higher education.

In addition to this, Levenson is a continuous donor to the Holocaust Museum. Bruce is even dedicated to teaching others how to be tour guides within the museum. His goal is to educate those of the events as much as possible to prevent hate from ever spreading again. Levenson’s mother-in-law was a Holocaust survivor which is why his passion for the topic has motivated to be so involved with the movement to educate. Levenson and his wife are currently on the mission to educate students on the importance of philanthropy. His current mission is to inform others of the importance that non-profit organizations have in today’s industrial society.

How Doe Deere is Changing the Makeup Game

Her great change starts with some one that is willing to go against the grain. This is what Doe Deere has done. She has taken the makeup industry by storm, and it will never been the way that it was again. I think that she has done something unique by introducing makeup that is not even tested the same way other makeup products have been tested. She has stated that the Lime Crime collection is 100% cruelty free. No animal testing for her products makes her a saint in the eyes of the youth that are trying to save animals. This is another nail that she drives into the corporate coffin.

The first nail that she drove into the corporate infrastructure was her bold approach to makeup products. She considers herself a visionary, and I totally agree with this title. She has been able to move beyond what is considered the standard. Her makeup isn’t for everyone, but it a colorful twist that is unlike anything else that is on the market.

That is the type of innovation that women are looking for with makeup. Something like makeup that doesn’t smudge so easily is a big deal. Makeup that matches things like hair color is very appealing to the younger generation. These are all the things of things that have redefined makeup products and Doe Deere is at the forefront.

It is not uncommon to see young CEO Doe Deere with purple hair and makeup to match. She is young and she obviously uses her own products. The may be the thing that makes her the most relevant in the world of makeup today. While the others ones are trying to make celebrities the highlight of their advertisements, Doe Deere is using her own face to bring a lot of attention to her own products. This saves so much money. She has been able to totally transform the brand and make people recognize her this way. It is a great plan for someone that is new to the business.

I discovered her Lime Crime brand as most people do. I was on social media and someone tweeted about it. She has this type of cult type following that is really giving her great word of mouth promotion. Any major company would be envious of the way that her fans constantly talk about her Lime Crime makeup products without having to be paid to do so. The makeup industry is becoming fickle that way. It is not enough to just have a good product. Companies that sell makeup must have someone in place that is actually going to vouch for the quality of the product. That may be why fans are flocking to the Doe Deere collecting of products. These aren’t paid celebrities that are promoting these products. These are real working class people that are endorsing the products they love for free. This has allowed Doe Deere to prosper and change the makeup game as she expands her unique brand.

Excellent Ingredients, Many Choices and Affordable Dog Food

I am always trying to feed my family the best ingredients available. I figure the better the ingredients, the better the food. If the food tastes good my family will eat it. If the ingredients are top quality then I can rest easy knowing they are receiving the proper nutrition.

This holds true of my fur children, too. They are part of the family after all. There are many dog foods on the market today. The quality varies from mediocre to the highest quality imaginable. Unfortunately the cost is just as high. Then I discovered Beneful dog food, a high quality dog food that won’t cost me a small fortune every month. At first they only had dry food. Now the variety includes wet and dry foods and treats.

Beneful now offers eight different blends of dry dog food. The blends vary but include a protein and a vegetable and a starch. Protein choices are beef and egg or chicken or turkey or salmon or a chicken and liver combination. The vegetables include peas and carrots and sweet potatoes and spinach. Starches available are brown or wild rice and barley. Variety is also afforded for smaller breeds – Incredibites, and to accommodate a range of ages and activity levels – Playful Life or Healthy Weight.

The wet food has approximately twenty different flavors. The same ingredients are included with the addition of lamb in the Mediterranean Blend and green beans in the Simmered Beef or Chicken. Carrots are added to the Beef Stew and Chicken Stew for yet another option. If the ingredients alone don’t make you want to give these to your dog(s), perhaps the names will. Wet food possibilities – like Tuscan Style or Romana Style – sound like an Italian blend. What dog doesn’t like a good stew or roasted turkey or chicken?

To top it all off they offer five choices in treats in three sizes to accommodate any size dog. There are even two additional treat styles to assist in doggy dental hygiene – Healthy Smile Dental Ridges and Healthy Smile Dental Twists.

Now that Beneful has expanded their selections, I should be able to find at least one flavor that each of my three dogs will like. Generally my dogs only get dry food, but now I can offer an occasional flavor change and allow them to have wet food they think is like “people food”. When they are finished I can brush their teeth with the Dental Twists. They get good quality food, I get the satisfaction they are getting quality ingredients with the added benefit of affordability. To me that is a win-win-win.