How Ricardo Guimarães of BMG Is Getting Into Tennis


BMG is one of the leading banks in Brazil and their service provision has been applauded by many. They are best known for the introduction of useful and customer-friendly policies and products. BMG has been operational for more than 20 years and over the many years they have been in business, they have managed to achieve growth by setting up outlets across different localities within Brazil. Most importantly, BMG has been able to support community projects in a bid to achieve its corporate social responsibility. Recently, with the help of their president Ricardo Guimarães, the company signed a commercial agreement that would see tennis player Marcelo Melo get direct sponsorship.

In a press briefing, Ricardo Guimarães stated that the contract will help Melo to hone his skills further in preparation to participate in the Rio De Jenairo next year. This is one of the many instances where the bank has been able to offer support for upcoming talent. They have also launched a program that seeks to offer support to football clubs and this is one of the best plans that Ricardo Guimarães has laid for the bank. They have been able to achieve more stability for offering services that help to bring the public close to the services offered by the bank.

Considering the previous conquests by Melo, Ricardo Guimarães believes they will bring back victory by the end of the season next year. He is of the opinion that Melo will be able to bring joy and celebration from the Olympic championships he is preparing to participate in. Ricardo Guimarães explains that BMG holds a tradition that allows the company to respect and support sporting activities, so getting into a contract with Melo serves as part of their projects and plans to help raise and nurture talents.

According to Ricardo Guimarães, it is necessary to offer support to athletes who are disciplined and committed to achieving great. This will serve as a way to popularize the company if the individual gets to achieve his goals and manages to scoop great awards. With Melo in their list of athletes, BMG believes they will be able to record success in the forthcoming competitions. This, just like other sponsorship programs, will act as a perfect tool to market the company. The strategy has worked before and has been one of the most effective ways to build a positive reputation and to develop a beneficial relationship with the public.

Health Benefits of Purina Dog Food

Still looking around for that good dog food that will keep your dog happy? After all dogs are just like humans in a way and deserve to be happy. Not need for that boring dog food anymore with the Purina Beneful. Here is why it is so highly enjoyed:

Turkey is the first and one of the main ingredients used in this product on The natural ingredients of glucosamine are put in to help keep joints active and healthy. The significant source of vitamin E and omega fatty acids help keep the skin looking healthy and clean. All the nutrients in this type of dog food are easy to digest to prevent any problems in the digestive tract.

The experts of Beneful on petco in nutrition that helped out with this brand of dog food really value healthy and natural ingredients to bring out the best in dogs. As stated before, real turkey is a big part of this recipe. All ingredients used are natural and of high quality. All of this to achieve the main goal of increased energy and muscle power from the significant amount of protein. Now playtime can be fun and long lasting rather than a drag.

The nature of the recipe of Beneful helps keep a balanced diet to support overall body health. The better health you maintain for your dog, the longer lasting life the dog will enjoy. The overall vitamins and minerals throughout this product are great for diets that work all day long. All together the ingredients can make a major healthy difference on the dogs lifestyle. As part of the healthy food the dog will grow a solid immune system which helps to fight of diseases and other foreign invaders. Then on the outside the dogs healthy coat will shine more than ever.

It is important to keep in mind that this formula of Beneful is made to work better on adult dogs. Young pups or pregnant females may have some complications. This formula can be served try or mixed with liquids depending on the dogs tastes.

When making the switch from one dog food to this formula don’t expect it to be a perfect switch in a few days. Expect for the process to take seven to ten days depending on the dog. It might be a good idea to stick in some of this new formula into the dog bowl small servings at a time to measure how the dog reacts. If the dog is more interest in the new formula you can increase the dosage. If the dog is not accepting it, either go smaller servings or making it more interesting to eat.

This brand is shipped to all Petco stores in the United States. Check out the online reviews to see why this is one of the best brands of dog food.

Youth-Led Charity Drive Calls Out Earth Force

Youth activism is perhaps the biggest draw for new groups. Jon Urbana is using Facebook and Slideshare to work on prominent new developments that should attract attention.

A fundraiser called “Jon Urbana Supports Earth Force” is underway to support these concepts financially. With a base of supporters that includes his Villanova teammates from Urbana’s lacrosse days, you’ve probably already seen someone else asking what I’m about to ask of you – to give a few bucks to help him hit his fundraising goal.

A clean environment is a goal that has to be met by commitment and expertise. New advocates are waiting for mobilization to get underway before a decision is reached. A donation drive like the one on behalf of ARAS at may determine whether the environmental project is a success or not. Several outlets offer information for how individuals may proceed as needed.

Social media is introducing new ideas for youth work camps. Earth Force is the name of the project, being represented through a few outlets. People may connect via Facebook or jonurbana1 on Twitter to learn more information.

The co-founder of a lacrosse camp, Jon Urbana was put in charge of several fundraising initiatives. These projects have the added twist of discussing the beauty of the planet Earth. Local citizens enjoy the opportunity to discuss arrangements with these development teams through a bunch of pics uploaded to Jon’s Instagram page. News reports like the Digital Journal’s coverage are condensed in to online blog listings that detail some of the specifics for people to follow.

Jon Urbana issues updates via social media to his followers and writes articles on his blog to let interested people know what’s being done each day. They are succinct, but vital to the concept of new developments.

GoFundMe is working to connect new members to an awaiting audience. Recognition is earned by participating in successful collaborations. Jon Urbana is renowned as a leading visionary that cares about projects, almost as much as he cares about his FAA Airmen’s Certificate (source: Aviation Business Gazette). He will oversee ideas and new concepts that encourage leadership itself. New posts via Twitter are gaining traction among supporters. There are ways to donate to the project, helping new posts get underway.

There are developments that get underway during a donation drive. Some of the best advocates will introduce fundraising options that appeal to team members. A new level of care is critical if the project is going to succeed. GoFundMe is a reliable choice that has to be explored across a range of factors. A clear environment is likely one of the leading goals to be expressed. The pleasure of working with youth has been expressed as part of a significant arrangement. Jon Urbana is expected to deliver a message to a waiting audience for new projects.

More ways to reach out to Jon:
Follow on Slideshare
Follow on Vimeo

The Rise of Yeonmi Park

The world today knows her for her work and willingness to see that the people in her country are free from the constant intimidation by the ruthless government. Having defected from her country for the fear of her life and that of her family, Park sought refuge in South Korea. At just 21 years, she has given speeches all over the world. In her speeches, she explains the life in North Korea, and how people are denied the basic human freedoms. People cannot talk freely about the government. It is worse f one attempts to correct the government. The media is gagged and those that contravene the directives that the authorities may lose their lives. Every time she narrates her personal story, the people that live outside North Korea appreciate. It is because none of what other people enjoy is freely found in North Korea. Children are ruthlessly taught to hate other countries without further explanations. The trend has given rise to many defectors from the government and has made the human rights war against the country strong. Yeonmi Park of the youngvoicesadvocates‘ personal story is a clear indication of how the government is undermining people freedoms. Yeonmi rose to celebrity status in the fastest way that anyone can imagine. It is her past tribulations and suffering, she learned to appreciate life and understood that people should live with dignity and freedom. Until the time she left North Korea, she did not know that there are countries that people enjoy life fully. Her bravery and urge to learn and save her people has propelled her to the helm of North Korea’s rights activism. It is despite the fact that there are people who are older than her in the same activism group. The North Korean president and leaders have taken it personal with Park and launched campaigns that are directed at destroying her reputation. They feel that she is a thorn in the flesh and needs to be removed. Unlike other activists who have died in the hands of the North Korean authorities, she is lucky that she has survived the attacks and smear campaign on Twitter. She continues to survive the by the fact that she lives in South Korea, a country where freedoms are respected. In the Northern country, the rule of law is not upheld, and those in power have full control of the whole system. Oppression and intimidation are the order of the day, and people are constantly living in fear. In the efforts to curb the spread of Park’s gospel, the government has released various videos to the world where her extended family in North Korea disagree with her sentiments. In fact, they cite enjoying life and go to say that they are shocked by the revelations from Park. As the whole drama surfaces, it is no secret that the North Korean government is not in compliance with both national and international requirements on Human rights. The people in the country face tough choices as they fear to go against their government, for they will be persecuted.

Knowing Quality Health Care Companies

Health care is one of the leading fields investors and companies have delved into in recent years and is three times the size of the banking sector. Many hospitals and medical centers are own by companies that buy out failing centers and turn them around so their doors stay open and patients still receive the needed health care. However, not every company that delves into the health care field produces better results, if the company doesn’t have the write people operating their centers and hospitals it can lead to unwanted results and loss of revenue if patients choose to seek medical attention elsewhere.
Companies that seek to buy health centers must all have a few universal goals in order to provide quality health care to the public. In an effort to revitalize and advance the health care system, companies need to focus on enhancing the experience of health care both in hospitals and separate centers like urgent care. Many gaps in health care can be traced back to the initial experience after walking through the door, the process in which patients are taken back for treatment or examinations can often be a problem area. Health care companies should focus on ensuring proper processing takes place and all patients are treated in the proper professional manner.
Another aspect that successful health care companies tend to have is the way they work with their staff, this includes members of the board, chairmen, doctors and clerical employees. When a hospital is bought out buy a big name company many feuds can come up with a change in the way things are run after the staff spending so many years working one way. By speaking with the people who take care of patients directly, including nurses and orderlies, health care companies can work together with their staff to fix problem areas wall ensuring excellent treatment and protocol continues smoothly.
Pushing to advance medical procedures, equipment and medical research is another huge part of owning, operating and being involved in the medical field. Companies who own and operate multiple types of health care facilities can help medicine move forward by involving themselves in the production of surgical instruments and medical research. Evolving and bettering the health care field should be a priority for health care companies, and by diving into research facilities they can help boost the supplies and support for things like cancer research and preventative medicine.
One of these big companies that strive to make the health care system better is Nobilis Health, a large healthcare development and management company. Their expert team members have been successfully managing over 100 surgical centers. They pride themselves in their leadership and are dedicated to providing superior medical care, increased patient satisfaction and lower costs for healthcare delivery. They are recognized as a leader for other health care companies, with their high standards and devotion to their employees, patients and the advancement of surgical technology. As Nobilis Health grows, the standard of health care rises as well.

Bruce Levenson, the businessman and NBA team owner

Are you an ardent fan of Atlanta Hawks? If you identify with this NBA sports team, the following news might shock or make you happy. The owners of Atlanta Hawks playing in NBA league plans to sell the team to the best bidder; this is according to publication and rumors. The Atlanta Hawks is owned by several shareholders entities including Bruce Levenson. The team’s ownership has worked to make the final preparations for selling the giant sports outfit, with emerging news that several people plan to acquire the team.

Shareholder Bruce Levenson

Bruce Levenson holds a lot of shares in Atlanta Hawks. It is estimated that Bruce has a 50.1% ownership of the NBA team. With an intention to sell, other shareholders also showed signs of selling their shares to the highest bidders. Bruce Levenson biography is rich, and shows him as an astute businessman, owner and shareholder of Atlanta Hawks. His company profile reads; a former writer for Observe Publishing, Former director of TechTarget, partner and co-founder at United Communications Group, Atlanta Spirit Owner and co founder of UCG. As a businessman, owning Atlanta Hawks was or is one of the accomplishments.

The sale of Atlanta Hawks

The announcement that one of the leading NBA teams, the Atlanta Hawks attracted several investors, but two of the frontrunners have shown a big interest of buying the franchise and the teams Phillips Arena. The buying process has continued for several months with final bids waiting to be tabled.

One front runner to the acquisition of Atlanta Hawks from Bruce Levenson and company is Steve Kaplan, a minority owner in Grizzlies who has partnered with Erick Thohir, a billionaire from Indonesia, Jason Levien and Handy Poernomo.

The second group to show an interest in the acquisition of Atlanta Hawks NBA team includes Mark Rachesky from Lionsgate Entertainment group. Mark is joined by Steve Starker, a New York investment banker. A former Hawks insider and a consultant for the team, Jesse Itzler has been associated with this group.

The selling process

The bidding price for Atlanta Hawks is estimated to be several millions of dollars. The sale process needs an expert financial handling. Bruce Levenson and Hawks team hired Inner Circles Sports and Goldman Sachs to handle the sale of Atlanta Hawks to the winning bidder.


In the year 2014, Atlanta Hawk was valued at $425 million. However, this changed and the current market value stands at closer to above $850 million. The rise in the value of the NBA team bids rose after eth sale of Bucks and Clippers. As groups continue to make bids, rumors in several publications shows that Antony Ressler, had agreed to buy the team for a price of $ 850 million. This sale, according to insiders will be financed by assumptions of debts and cash financing. Some sources close to the Ressler group confirms that the current Atlanta Hawks CEO Steve Kooning and the coach, Mike Budenholzer, will be part of the team after the purchase is made.

The completion of the bidding process to sell the NBA giant team sees Bruce Levenson making a big profit through the sale. Though the bidding attracted a few group of investors, selling the team through a bid process scared several would-be buyers, thus making it fetch the highest price in the market.

Notre Dame Lacrosse is Matt Landis

matt landis notre dame
Sports and Notre Dame go together like hamburgers and fries. The storied history of Notre Dame is without reproach and their legacy continues even today. One of the many student athletes continuing the storied tradition of winning at Notre Dame is lacrosse star Matt Landis. Hailing from Pelham, NY, Matt Landis graduated from Pelham Memorial already a star in football and hockey, but it was lacrosse where he stood out and played varsity all four years. Naturally, universities were chomping at the bit for a chance to get him into their program, but Landis had decided long ago that Notre Dame would be his next stop.

matt landis lacrosse

Matt Landis’ streak of excellence has continued throughout his tenure at Notre Dame and 2015 was a big year for the star student athlete. In May, he was awarded the Atlantic Coast Conference 2015 ACC Defensive Player of the Year. On top of that he was nominated for the 2015 Tewaaraton Award. His level of focus and dedication propelled Notre Dame to the top seed spot in the ACC Championship and seven Fighting Irish players being named All-American. Landis was also the first defensive player to earn the Epoch/LM Player of the Week title this year. The accolades continued throughout the year and were capped off by Landis receiving the William C. Schmeisser Award Outstanding Defensive Player of the year award.

matt landis blue
Notre Dame’s lacrosse team pillars on which it is built are character, culture and community. Since high school, both on and off the field Matt Landis has embodied those pillars and continues to do so today at Notre Dame. With a pedigree like that and no signs of slowing down, Matt Landis is on the path to greatness for himself, for lacrosse and for Notre Dame.



Handy Home Cleaning for Safety and Convenience

When you think about something like strangers coming into your home, you have a lot to be concerned with. There are so many different factors that you want to watch out for that you can be caught off guard by something you least expect. The truth is even the individuals who have friends and family over oftentimes need to spend a lot of effort and time cleaning up and organizing their home, so when you think about complete strangers coming into your home it can absolutely be a stressful situation if not a nightmare. The good news is that thanks to a brand new service based application called Handy, you can help with both of those things at once.

Handy is a great new app that allows anyone to be able to match up instantly with a professional contractor. That contractor has already been screend by Handy ahead of time so you know you are dealing with a professional at the top of his or her class when it comes to doing work. You can get your home organized and fixed up in no time simple because with an app like Handy you won’t just get someone at your home who “thinks” they know what they are doing, or some fly by the seat of your pants contractor who will just “make it work” either. With Handy you truly get the professional individuals you need to come to your house and help tidy it up to make it a home.

Another important piece to note with Handy is that even though there is always someone still coming to your residence, the best news is the screening done by Handy ahead of time. Not only does Handy verify that you are getting the right type of people by their experience and technical skills in the field, but because Handy only lets a small percentage of all who apply work for them, you truly are getting the best contractors you can with Handy. What is even better than the screening for technical skills is the fact that the screening also eliminates any of bad apples in the bunch as well. You can truly feel better about your home not just because you have the right people for the job, but you will also have the right people there as well.

When you are thinking about trying to get your house in working order, you don’t have to deal with the general service industry (or lack of service industry) demands. You can simply log into your app, connect with the right contractor, and schedule the time for them to come to your home. There’s no need to be put on hold, deal with the back and forth, or even be charged an arm and a leg for the process either. With Handy you truly do have the ability to keep your maintenance and upkeep to a minimum and keep your effort level even less than that. Look to Handy for your convenience today.

New York Real Estate Soaring High from Bronx to Brooklyn

New York City is on the rise again, or shall we say, high rise!

NYC apartments for rent is booming for the big players these days, and folks are excited. The month of September saw the maximal permit applications coming in from prominent developers SL Green leading the way. The Chetrit Group and Somerset Partners also tooted their horns with a pair of huge residential buildings totaling more than one million square feet.

Town Residential understands the big buzz surrounding NYC’s colossal developments; the well-regarded company deals in luxury residential sales and leasing. Town Residential has made its mark in the city with nine convenient Town Square offices located in key neighborhoods like Gramercy, Flatiron, and Soho. Town Residential offers clients exquisite multi-million dollar housing or NYC apartments for rent.

Although Queens did not figure this time in the booming expansion, Bronx to Brooklyn and Staten Island drew the largest projects, according to a recent business article by The Real Deal.

There is much anticipation for SL Green Realty’s modern plan for a 67-story midtown beauty, One Vanderbilt office tower. It will stand tall near iconic Grand Central station.

Two mega Bronx rental towers are the genius of the Chetrit Group and Somerset Partners. The projects center around two adjacent rental buildings in Mott Haven on Lincoln and Third Avenues. Group floor retail space will co-exist perfectly with a community facility and the remainder going to residential space. The larger of the 2 towers will exist at 101 Lincoln Ave.

Another impressive building will be erected at 664 Pacific Street in Brooklyn’s Prospect Heights. Marvel Architects is designing the plans for 323 market rate rental units, along with a public school.

Twenty-seven West Street on Brooklyn’s Greenpoint waterfront will be home to a 19-story affordable rental building with retail and car garage. Another major Brooklyn project will feature a building in Midwood housing apartments, retail and a synagogue.

Meanwhile, L+M Development Partners and Hornig Capital Partners filed plans for an affordable rental building in the Bronx designed by Dattner Architects.

Manhattan’s Marymount School is looking at erecting a 13-story academic building on an empty lot between Park and Lexington avenues.

In Staten Island, an addition to Brielle senior living facility in Willowbrook will stand at five stories.

Last but not least, Brooklyn’s Park Slope will add a 12-story rental building, including car garage and pet spa.

Look! It’s Michael Jackson!

Chances are if you have just heard these words or spoken them you’ve just seen Sergio Cortes the best Michael Jackson impersonator there is. Of course there are a multitude of Michael Jackson impersonators but none are like Sergio who doesn’t just dress up like Michael. He’s as close to the real thing as you can get.

Sergio discovered Michael as a child watching The Jackson Five. He became an attentive fan of Michael,watching every broadcast that he could. Sergio copied the dance moves and mannerisms of Michael at first not to become an impersonator but just because he was a true fan. He could always be found watching Michael and listening to Michael at every opportunity.

Born and raised in Spain, he started gaining worldwide attention when photographers starting taking photos and selling them as Michael Jackson photos. He so closely looked like the star that people could not tell the difference between photos of Michael and photos of Sergio. Even in everyday situations he looked so much like Michael they could have been brothers. Once photos and videos were posted online his fame grew and Sergio decided he had a successful future in becoming a Michael Jackson impersonator since their features were so alike.

From that point he has performed for millions of fans that feel like the king of pop has returned and they can’t get enough of the dazzling stage show. Sergio creates this illusion in small part with the music,moves and special effects,but all the rest is him. Pure talent in mimicry brings him new fans everyday. Frequently he is invited to perform at TV shows and talk shows. Without fail viewers are stunned by his skill.

When Michael Jackson passed away unexpectedly Sergio Cortes was devastated. After all this was his idol, his favorite performer since childhood and the man that set him on the path of his own career. Some worried he would discontinue his impersonation shows. Instead Sergio forged ahead creating spectacular shows to pay tribute to Michael.
Sergio continues to appear on TV shows and at venues internationally spreading the music of Michael Jackson and keeping his spirit alive.