North American Spine: Repair Your Neck or Spine

Athletes of both sexes, whatever the sport, risk a spinal injury whenever they compete in their chosen endeavor. Although some wear protective covering, the turning, twisting, contortions, and blows to their bodies may lead to spinal problems.

With a spinal injury, they may miss several games or the rest of the season. Maybe they’ll need major surgery, which could mean a long and painful recovery. Or, what if they must retire from the sport they love?

Because of the potential problematic possibilities of a spinal injury, some athletes don’t report the severity of their pain. They may also “forget” to report other symptons that result from the injury.

Too often the athete, needlessly, tries to work through the injury. They stock up on over-the-counter pain killers and hope for the best.

What if there’s a better answer for the injury, the athlete, or, for that matter, a whole team?

Located in Dallas, Texas, is North American Spine that uses a mimimally invasive back surgery to correct spinal problems. Called AccuraScope, the surgeon uses lasers, high-definition cameras, and diagnostic tools to locate and treat problematic areas in the spine.

AccurScope has an 82 percent success ratio treating bulging discs, lower spine injuries, herniated discs, and other spinal problems.

The pre-op for the outpatient surgery is quick and to the point. Rather than relying on medical reports and diagnostic reviews, a coordinator asks the patient about their spinal problems. Patients can tell the medical personel more about their pain than do x-rays or reports.

The doctor pores through the patients medical information to determine if their injury qualifies for Accurascope.

After they’re qualified, the next day they come back to North American Spine to meet their doctor. The day after is AccuraScope day. After they’re given a general sedative, they’ll undergo a 30 to 45 minute AccuraScope.

Then, they’re taken to the recovery room for about an hour. Following that, in most cases, they’ll walk out of the clinic under their own volition with no pain.

The next day they return to North American Spine for a post-op review, and the doctor suggests ways to promote a complete recovery.

Tony Parker Faces A Hurdle

Because Tony Parker is younger than Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobli, he is going to face some severe challenges as he battles into the later reaches of the Spurs dynasty. Their blueprint is being used to perfection in Atlanta, Duncan and Manu are both nearly 40, and Parker has been injured more than enough. He is still an elder statesman on this team, and he is going to have to give way to Danny Green and Kawhi Leonard at some point. However, he has to fight through and distribute the ball while the Spurs are fighting to make the playoffs.

They are not having the best title defense year, and it may not get any better if the team cannot stay healthy. Facebook says that most people are going to wonder if the Spurs will last until the end of the year, and there is nothing that the Spurs can do to preserve the team and their health. They are struggling to make it back to the playoffs to even make a title defense, and they might have to rely on Parker for his leadership and poise because he is the youngest of he old guys. That is a challenge for any player, but it is hard for this team that has so many miles on its legs.

Lebron Dominates in Win Over Warriors

Lebron Owns Warriors in Win

A good way to prove you’re the best at a sport is not to just win but completely take over a game. Lebron James proved to be a good example of that in a Thursday night game against the Golden State Warriors.

In what was seen as a potential matchup in the NBA playoffs, James himself scored 42 points during the game against the Warriors, a season high total for him and was 15 of 25 for shootings, which resulted in the Cleveland Cavaliers beating out the Warriors in a 110-99 win for the night.

Scoring 42 points alone wasn’t all James did for the night. He also had five assists and eleven boards, as well as three steals, further showing his dominance as a league player. With this win, the Cavaliers now extend their current winning streak to eleven games, and overall have won 18 of their last 20 games, meaning they’re seen as heavy favorites to make it into the playoffs this year. But even with the winning streak, Jason Halpern does point out that they are still in third place in the Eastern Conference of the NBA, while the Atlanta Hawks are currently in first place.

Regardless of their position, the Cavs have been revitalized with the presence of Lebron James and even though it’s too soon to make judgments, the team may very well find itself in the NBA finals now.

No Chalk In March

We get excited every year about who will receive number one seeds in the NCAA Tournament, but there has only be one Final Four in the history of the tournament that was all chalk. Everyone is trying to figure out who the other number one seeds will be besides Kentucky, but it hardly matters because not all four of them will make it to the Final Four. In truth, we need to see which of the potential number ones could actually get to the Final Four.

In the end, Duke can get to the Final Four because they have been there about a million times said Zeca Oliveira. Arizona might be able to get there because they play defense, and Gonzaga might be able to simply because they are going to surprise some people. They are not brilliant every year, and they might able to sneak up on some people this year.

Finally, there is Virginia. They only have one loss, but they are playing in a weakened ACC. They do not have their best player playing at 100%, and there is no reason to believe that a green team can go the distance. We should simply wonder who will make the title game against Kentucky. My money is on Duke.

Don’t Mess With The Pacman

Manny Pacquiao is one of the best boxers on the planet. Last year, Pacquiao defeated two of the top rated welterweights in the world. Manny defeated Chris Algerei and Timothy Bradley. Pacquaio made both fights look easy.

While Pacquiao was making his incredible comeback, the Filipino fighting sensation began to play professional basketball in his home country. Fans like Haidar Barbouti agree that  Pacquiao is a great boxer, but his amazing fighting skills do not translate over to the basketball court. Manny is not that good at basketball, but his countrymen do not care.

Manny Pacauiao is a living god in the Philippines. When Manny Pacquiao fights, his entire country watches on. Insulting Pacquiao in front of his Filipino countrymen could end badly for anyone. Former professional NBA player Daniel Orton had been playing professional basketball in the Phillipines. Orton made a joke about Pacquiao’s basketball skills, and he was fired and fined.

Daniel Orton has been sent back to America because of his remarks towards Pacman. The Filipino people truly view Manny Pacquiao as a hero. Insulting Pacquiao in the Philippines would be the equivalent of insulting Martin Luther King Jr. Orton was also fined before he was sent back to the states.

Manny Pacquiao will be getting back in the ring on May 2. The long awaited fight between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao is finally happening. For more information on Pacquiao, visit Yahoo! Sports.

This Is Why Kobe Is A Winner

Say what you want about Kobe, but he actually cares. The Lakers pulled out a meaningless win the other night, and they had a stupid celebration after. They celebrated a little bit too much, and Kobe was not happy. Kobe is a champion because he does not like losing, and he knows when a single win in the middle of a lost season is just not that big a deal. The team is young, and they do not get it.

When the Lakers were struggling in the post Shaq era, Guimarães  said that Kobe wanted to leave because he thought the team was not taking winning seriously. He has five rings because he likes winning, and he takes his job seriously. He is a classic example of the competitor who is not going to make an ass of himself simply because he won a game. Jordan, Brady, Montana, West and guys of that type are simply the kind of people who are more serious than the other people around them. That is why they win. The Lakers do not know that right now, and it is quite annoying for Kobe to watch. He is a Laker for life, and he just cannot stand to watch this.

Forward Thinking NBA Ownership

Bruce Levenson is one of the most forward thinking NBA owners out there, and he has been able to turn around a franchise that has only ever had one great player. He has been able to make the fans have a good experience in Atlanta, and he has given the city something to be proud of. No one would have ever thought that the Hawks would be the best chance for Atlanta to see another pro sports championship, but Bruce Levenson has put together a franchise that can sustain itself for years to come even after it is sold.

The Front Office

The front office of the Hawks is making moves left and right that allow them the chance to keep moving forward with their plans. They have Danny Ferry in place as GM, and he is one of the best young executives in basketball. They have hired Mike Budenholzer away from the Spurs, and the two of them have put together something that looks like the Spurs on the east coast.

The Payroll

Bruce has been willing to spend money, but he has been burned on a couple big contracts. When he decided to be much more prudent with the team’s money, he was able to create a culture where everyone works for their paycheck. Also, they have been able to keep costs down while they develop talent. The team is very young, and Bruce’s vision has allowed the team to make moves that will allow them to truly fight for a title.

Every fan of basketball in Atlanta needs to send Bruce Levenson a note thanking him for his leadership after the collapse of Atlanta Spirit. His ownership tenure is perhaps one of the best in the history of the southeast, and it is certainly the best for the Hawks.

Bosh Could be Out for Season

Miami Heat Center, Chris Bosh was admitted to a local hospital this week so that tests could be done on his lungs. Bosh, whose averaging 21.1 points per game along with 7 rebounds is feared to have blood clots in his lungs, which will force him to miss the rest of the season and possibly more. Initial tests were said to be inconclusive but doctors are starting to fear that this could be pulmonary embolus or multiple clots.

If this news turns out to be true, than Bosh is in for a bumpy road to recovery. Bruce Karatz pointed out that these things are very unpredictable and at the very least, he will be out for the remainder of this season. Bosh Possibly OutTo treat such a condition, Bosh would have to take blood thinners in order to dissolve the clots. Blood thinners and high level strenuous activity do not mix well and his time table to return will be very difficult to predict.

The Heat are currently hanging to a playoff spot, but just barely. They are 22-30 at the moment, good for the 8th seed in the East but if Bosh is sidelined, this will be something that is very difficult to overcome. The trade deadline did see the Heat acquire talented point guard, Goran Dragic from the Sun’s and hopefully he can come into Miami and provide a spark at the point, something Miami has not had all season.

The Knicks Do Not Have A Future

The idea that the Knicks can look to the future is one that is laughable at best. They have no Melo, they unloaded Amare and they are not built to win any time soon. The Knicks have one good player right now in Langston Galloway. Most people noticed him while the Knicks were playing meaningless games on TNT, and he might actually be their future.

However, he would have a future that would not be too exciting. Look at all the mediocre basketball that Patrick Ewing has to sit through because he could not carry the team all on his own said Bernardo Chua. thinks Galloway might turn out to be amazing, but that does not mean that the Knicks have a future. They will have to blow this team up, and they might be good when my oldest child is in high school. For now, they are going to have to be happy with being terrible.

They have been screwing things up for too long, and they simply do not understand how bad they have made. Maybe James Dolan will sell the team, and that might be the impetus they need to make a real change to their culture of horrid basketball mediocrity.

Dragic Wants Out of Phoenix

Phoenix Suns point guard, Goran Dragic has informed his current team, the Phoenix Suns that he will not sign a extension with the club this summer. With Phoenix currently sitting in the 8th spot in the West by a mere half game, they will need to make sure they do indeed get a return for Dragic, rather than watch him walk away for nothing this off-season. The NBA’s trade deadline is 3PM Eastern Time on Thursday, February 19th.

There are a lot of suitors for his services but many will be wary of signing him due to the fact that he is not guaranteed to re-sign wherever he is traded reported Many believe Dragic does have some leverage then because if he does not express interest in signing with the trading partner, that team will be less likely to want to give up assets to obtain Dragic for only a few months. Dragic Wants Out It has been publicized that Dragic would like to sign a long term deal with the Lakers, Knicks or the Heat, all of whom need help running the point. Indiana has also been in on Dragic has Paul George will need help running the point for Pacers who have been struggling at the position all season.

Houston has long shown interest in Dragic as well but he is hesitant to sign with them due to a fear of being traded not longer after they acquire him. The move would make sense but Dragic seems like he has his places picked out.