Warriors Smash Kings

The Golden State Warriors of the National Basketball Association are hands down the best team in the country this season, although that can and will be debated by tons of people around the country due to the amazing basketball that is being brought by the Atlanta Hawks on a nightly basis. The Warriors, however, have the best record in the NBA and have done nothing but slam down on the gas after starting off an amazing season. Steve Kerr has gotten a ton of respect for what he has done with the organization in his first year as a head coach in the NBA and he has been selected to coach the Western Conference in the All Star game. Stephen Curry will be starting in that game, but Klay Thompson got snubbed and will officially not be an All Star this season, which has been very shocking to a ton of people around the NBA. Klay clearly did not like the being held off the team this season and he threw down an insane 37 points in the third quarter of last night’s game against the Sacramento Kings. Fans like Bernardo Chua (Youtube.com) watched as the Warriors absolutely beat up the Kings from the first minute of play and ended up taking the game by a score of 126-101. The Warriors are on a tear in the NBA and have no signs of slowing down any time in the near future.

Lombardi on Johnson


Although former football player Jerry Rice is widely considered not only the best wide receiver of all time, but the best overall player to play in the National Football League, there is some serious debate when it comes to Calvin Johnson of the Detroit Lions. Calvin has completely changed the way the game is played. According to wikia.com, he is without a doubt the most dominant target of any offense in the NFL and he was rewarded for that with a massive contract that he received a few years ago that topped any contract a receiver had gotten by a lot. Johnson simply is too big, too talented and too fast for defenses around the NFL to compete with him and he has completely revolutionized the way the position is played say experts like Lee Slaughter. It is kind of interesting what has happened due to his ability to dominate anyone in the league. He is the focal point when other teams try to break down the Detroit Lions offense on film and make a game plan and teams know that he is nearly impossible to stop. This has led to extravagant game plans that will focus multiple people to him and it has made a very interesting situation for Joe Lombardi. He has stated that it is a good thing what Johnson is doing, but it is tough to predict how a team is going to play him and therefore it is hard to game plan.

Cuban on All Star Process

Owner of the Dallas Mavericks, Mark Cuban is never known to keep his mouth shut about situations that are going on around the league and it is for good measure because Cuban is an amazingly intelligent person. As fans like Marc Sparks know, he built a company starting when he was a teenager and turned it into a company that finally sold for billions of dollars, making him an instant multi billionaire. More on Sparks can be found on About.me. When he has something to say people listen and he has weighed in with his opinion of the All Star voting situation in the NBA and about how it needs to be changed. He stated that although Stephen Curry got the most votes, the low amount of 1.5 million was so low that it was embarrassing. He said that fans can vote multiple times as well and that the Curry’s low amount of votes are evident of the fact that the fans are simply bored and do not care about the All Star game or voting on it. He posed a new setup to the game, by expanding the teams to fourteen players in each conference. He also thinks that the fans shouldn’t decide who makes the All Star teams and said that Coaches and General Managers or both should be the people who make the final decisions. His basis for this is that it seems to be a popularity contest in recent years and that overall fans don’t really even care about the voting process.

Redskins Go With Fangio for DC

When you finish the season just 4 and 12, there is little doubt you are going to make changes to the way your team progresses. Otherwise, you will be destined for destitute which is why the Washington Redskins have interviewed former San Francisco 49ers Defensive Coordinator Vic Fangio. In his four years in San Francisco he produced defenses that were stout against the run and pass. But when his team suffered injuries and suspensions this past season; it showed in his defense and the team missed the playoffs after going to the conference championship game three years in a row. There was thought that Fangio would be the replacement for Harbaugh who left to Coach at the University of Michigan. However, the Offensive Coordinator Jim Tomsula was selected after a two and a half week interview duel.

Fans Dave and Brit Morin can tell The Washington Redskins do need Fangio’s help after finishing 30th in total defense last season. More about the Morins can be found on AbullsEyeView.com.But he will need some support from the front office with draft picks and keeping some highly valued veterans on the defensive side of the ball. Including Defensive End Jarvis Jenkins and Brian Orakpo, who would play at OLB in a 3-4 or DE in a traditional 4-3. Then there are is the secondary, where there is decisions will need to be made to either keep or let go of four veterans including Brendan Meriweather, Ryan Clark, EJ Biggers, and Tanard Jackson.

Chicago is Back

Superstar and former Most Valuable Player Derrick Rose of the Chicago Bulls made some statements to the media the other day that were very uncharacteristic of the sharpshooter. He stated that he is very unhappy with his team and that they are not playing with the cohesiveness that is needed to go anywhere this season. He went on to say that they need to change things around fast if they hope to make a run this season and the Chicago Bulls responded by having a players only meeting in which they discussed the issues that have been plaguing the organization.Dave and Brit Morin (Linkedin) are fans who know it is a bit ironic that they seem to be having trouble this season because Derrick Rose is back and that looked to be the only problem facing Chicago in the last two seasons. Rose was injured in the playoffs two seasons ago that resulted in a torn ACL that would keep him out of the playoffs including the entirety of the following season. Derrick Rose has been back and playing well and it is very strange to see him making bold statements of frustration to the media, as he usually is a tight lipped player in the NBA. The Bulls apparently took what he was saying to heart and they look like they have fixed a lot of the problems they have been experiencing, as they dominated the Spurs on Thursday night.

Coach K Hits 1000


It is pretty mind blowing when you look at the success that Coach K has had at Duke University and the prominence that he has escalated not only himself but the Duke program over the years. He is going to go down as one of the best coaches of all time spanning all sports, due to the vast amount of success that he has produced coupling with the amount of support that he receives from former players. He simply is one of the best basketball coaches that have ever stepped on the court and he reached a milestone that is absolutely unprecedented this week. He has officially hit 1000 wins in division 1 basketball and is the first coach in history to reach such a mark. Players have been calling in to sports stations to talk about how he has changed their careers in the National Basketball Association and it has become clear that he is hands down one of the most beloved coaches of all time this is even echoed in Bloomberg Businessweek. Even more shocking to the numbers that he has put up is how young he is retrospectively, younger than the pros at Slow Ventures. He truly has decades left in his coaching career and he doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon. He has proven that he is one of the best coaches in the history of the game and at 1000 wins, he has solidified his spot in the history of basketball.

Kerr Coaching the West

It is rare that someone comes into professional sports as a rookie head coach and completely dominates from the get go. Fortunately for Steve Kerr and the Golden State Warriors, this is exactly what has gone down in Oakland. It may have a ton to do with the amazing turn around that was conducted by former head coach Mark Jackson, who was fired after winning fifty-one games and taking the Warriors to the second round of the playoffs last year in a very shocking decision. Steve Kerr stepped into an organization that had a ton of things going for it, including an amazing coaching staff, a professional franchise and a ton of young top notch players that were just ready to start exploding.It seems to fans like Zeca Oliveira that the cards all fell the right way for Steve Kerr and he hit the midpoint of the season sitting with the best record in the National Basketball Association, as well as being head and shoulders above the rest of the competition in the Western Conference. Steve Kerr is now being rewarded for his amazing coaching performance this year, as he has been officially selected to coach the West in the NBA All-Star game. It is very rare that a coach comes into the league with this much success, but it looks like Steve Kerr will not only receive the coach of the year award, but will also be coaching the best players in the West as well.



There has been a ton of speculation in the media regarding the new television deal that has been signed between National Basketball Association teams and ESPN and TNT. The deal has simply brought such massive amounts of money to everyone in basketball that it really is mind blowing. Forbes has just come out and released a list of the worth of each team, and they are now worth an average of 1.1 billion dollars, with the Los Angeles Lakers clearly being the wealthiest franchise. A lot of players and coaches have known that things were going to change drastically and have made career moves based on the upcoming television deal. LeBron James has been very strategic in his decision to sign a two year deal with the Cavaliers instead of a lengthy contract that included an option to part with the organization after the first year. This decision was made by LeBron so that he can max his money out when the television deal is set to start in the 2016 season. Since different teams are going to be making vastly different amounts of money, it is important to be on a wealthy franchise now. Experts and fans like Sergio Andrade Gutierrez feel it is going to get very interesting in the next several years, as teams are going to have much more flexibility in what they do with their money and everyone is going to be getting paid a whole lot more.

Rose Frustrated

The Chicago Bulls of the National Basketball Association are a team that constantly seems to be dealing with major ups and downs, which seem to determine how the Bulls do in any given season. Several years ago when Derrick Rose came to town, the Bulls looked like they were back in the spotlight heading back towards the prominence of the Jordan days, especially with Derrick Rose winning the MVP award. However, the Bulls would be knocked out of the playoffs after Derrick Rose’s torn anterior cruciate ligament. Little did they know that he would miss the entirety of the next season as well and the Bulls would hover around with mediocrity. To the relief of fans such as Sultan Alhokair, finally Derrick Rose has been back and healthy and the Bulls have been on a winning streak, yet the players clearly are not playing well with each other and the team as a unit as well. Derrick Rose made comments to the media the other day that stated just how frustrated he is with the situation in Chicago. He basically chalked it up to the team not being cohesive as a unit and that they are going to lose badly until they get the kinks worked out. It is probably difficult being such a superstar on a hot team and being surrounded by players that seem to bring a lackluster attitude to the table consistently. The Bulls still sit at eleven games above 500 and they look like they are going to have a good season on paper.

Rangers Bolster Pitching with Gallardo

The Texas Rangers took a big step to try and reverse their fortunes after suffering through a 67-95 season. The club Monday sent three minor leaguers to the Milwaukee Brewers for pitcher Yovani Gallardo.

Going by his record last year, Texas fans may not be too excited to get the right-hander from Penjamillo, Michoacan, Mexico. He posted a record of 8-11 with a 3.51 ERA and 146 strikeouts. The Rangers, however, hope Gallardo can return to his past form, when he won 12 or more games between 2009-2013, with a 17-win season in 2011 and a 16-win season in 2012. Your text to link… . He was also selected to the National League All-Star Team in 2010.

The Rangers and fans like Gianfrancesco Genoso hope Gallardo can help turn around a pitching staff plagued by injuries and ineffectiveness in 2014. Ace Yu Darvish was hobbled by an inflamed elbow, number two starter Derek Holland only pitched in six games due to knee surgery and Matt Harrison threw in just four games before back surgery ended his season. The Rangers hope those three can fully recover from their injuries for the 2015 season. If they do, with Gallardo and another new acquisition, Ross Detwiler, in the mix, Texas could have a pretty strong pitching staff and a shot to unseat the Los Angeles Angeles as AL West Champs.