Kerr Coaching the West

It is rare that someone comes into professional sports as a rookie head coach and completely dominates from the get go. Fortunately for Steve Kerr and the Golden State Warriors, this is exactly what has gone down in Oakland. It may have a ton to do with the amazing turn around that was conducted by former head coach Mark Jackson, who was fired after winning fifty-one games and taking the Warriors to the second round of the playoffs last year in a very shocking decision. Steve Kerr stepped into an organization that had a ton of things going for it, including an amazing coaching staff, a professional franchise and a ton of young top notch players that were just ready to start exploding.It seems to fans like Zeca Oliveira that the cards all fell the right way for Steve Kerr and he hit the midpoint of the season sitting with the best record in the National Basketball Association, as well as being head and shoulders above the rest of the competition in the Western Conference. Steve Kerr is now being rewarded for his amazing coaching performance this year, as he has been officially selected to coach the West in the NBA All-Star game. It is very rare that a coach comes into the league with this much success, but it looks like Steve Kerr will not only receive the coach of the year award, but will also be coaching the best players in the West as well.



There has been a ton of speculation in the media regarding the new television deal that has been signed between National Basketball Association teams and ESPN and TNT. The deal has simply brought such massive amounts of money to everyone in basketball that it really is mind blowing. Forbes has just come out and released a list of the worth of each team, and they are now worth an average of 1.1 billion dollars, with the Los Angeles Lakers clearly being the wealthiest franchise. A lot of players and coaches have known that things were going to change drastically and have made career moves based on the upcoming television deal. LeBron James has been very strategic in his decision to sign a two year deal with the Cavaliers instead of a lengthy contract that included an option to part with the organization after the first year. This decision was made by LeBron so that he can max his money out when the television deal is set to start in the 2016 season. Since different teams are going to be making vastly different amounts of money, it is important to be on a wealthy franchise now. Experts and fans like Sergio Andrade Gutierrez feel it is going to get very interesting in the next several years, as teams are going to have much more flexibility in what they do with their money and everyone is going to be getting paid a whole lot more.

Rose Frustrated

The Chicago Bulls of the National Basketball Association are a team that constantly seems to be dealing with major ups and downs, which seem to determine how the Bulls do in any given season. Several years ago when Derrick Rose came to town, the Bulls looked like they were back in the spotlight heading back towards the prominence of the Jordan days, especially with Derrick Rose winning the MVP award. However, the Bulls would be knocked out of the playoffs after Derrick Rose’s torn anterior cruciate ligament. Little did they know that he would miss the entirety of the next season as well and the Bulls would hover around with mediocrity. To the relief of fans such as Sultan Alhokair, finally Derrick Rose has been back and healthy and the Bulls have been on a winning streak, yet the players clearly are not playing well with each other and the team as a unit as well. Derrick Rose made comments to the media the other day that stated just how frustrated he is with the situation in Chicago. He basically chalked it up to the team not being cohesive as a unit and that they are going to lose badly until they get the kinks worked out. It is probably difficult being such a superstar on a hot team and being surrounded by players that seem to bring a lackluster attitude to the table consistently. The Bulls still sit at eleven games above 500 and they look like they are going to have a good season on paper.

Rangers Bolster Pitching with Gallardo

The Texas Rangers took a big step to try and reverse their fortunes after suffering through a 67-95 season. The club Monday sent three minor leaguers to the Milwaukee Brewers for pitcher Yovani Gallardo.

Going by his record last year, Texas fans may not be too excited to get the right-hander from Penjamillo, Michoacan, Mexico. He posted a record of 8-11 with a 3.51 ERA and 146 strikeouts. The Rangers, however, hope Gallardo can return to his past form, when he won 12 or more games between 2009-2013, with a 17-win season in 2011 and a 16-win season in 2012. Your text to link… . He was also selected to the National League All-Star Team in 2010.

The Rangers and fans like Gianfrancesco Genoso hope Gallardo can help turn around a pitching staff plagued by injuries and ineffectiveness in 2014. Ace Yu Darvish was hobbled by an inflamed elbow, number two starter Derek Holland only pitched in six games due to knee surgery and Matt Harrison threw in just four games before back surgery ended his season. The Rangers hope those three can fully recover from their injuries for the 2015 season. If they do, with Gallardo and another new acquisition, Ross Detwiler, in the mix, Texas could have a pretty strong pitching staff and a shot to unseat the Los Angeles Angeles as AL West Champs.

Cavaliers Need Changes

The Cleveland Cavaliers of the NBA have had huge amounts of speculation regarding the 2014-2015 season and the success that they may potentially have due to the fact that they got highly coveted superstar LeBron James back on their roster as well as big man Kevin Love. As it always is with any team that LeBron James is playing on, there is a new level of expectation that comes with him being on the roster. This season many sportscasters and fans from around the country like Fersen Lambranho ( had them at the top of the list as dominant teams in the Eastern Conference and a high amount of people actually have picked them to win the NBA finals this season. That seems like a gross overstatement on the part of many as the Cavaliers always looked like they were going to win a championship but couldn’t pull it out in eight years with LeBron. Quite frankly, those years looked a whole lot better than this year has played out thus far. The Cavaliers find themselves at the midpoint of the season with a mediocre record, sitting a game above 500 with twenty-one wins and twenty losses. This is not what LeBron James came back to Cleveland for and this is not what Kevin Love was recruited for. The Cavaliers need to make big adjustments if they hope to be half the team that has been expected of them.

Wizards Finally a Contender

The Washington Wizards of the National Basketball Association have been a team that has been slightly below average for a very, very long time. They truly have not had a great team in what seems like forever. Since they changed their name to the Wizards from the Washington Bullets, fan Gianfrancesco Genoso sees that the most games they have won in a season have been forty-three. More on Genoso available at Redir.  Although they made the playoffs for four consecutive years in the mid 2000’s they didn’t do anything remarkable once they made it there. However, this season seems to be a completely different story. They truly appear to have turned things around in a big way in Washington and are currently sitting at fifteen games above 500 with twenty-eight wins and thirteen losses. They simply have not played this well in decades and they seriously have a shot at making a true playoff run this year that could very well see them reaching the NBA finals. If the Atlanta Hawks hadn’t been playing so shockingly amazing so far this season, Washington would find them sitting atop the Eastern Conference, although I’m sure they are just find sitting at the second spot in the East at the midpoint of the season. Whatever the Washington Wizards did to rectify this team and take them to a true contender in the Eastern Conference, it has been shocking to say the least and it looks to be taking them on a strong run to the playoffs.

Bulls Look Good


The Chicago Bulls  have been a team that have risen to prominence once again with Derrick Rose and the rest of the Bulls roster. According to, this was completely smashed when Derrick Rose was knocked out of the game with a torn ACL several years ago in the playoffs, which would keep him out for the entirety of the playoffs as well as the entire next season. This is a worry for many Bulls fans, like Sergio Andrade Gutierrez. This was a huge slap in the face to the Chicago Bulls, who were boasting an MVP for the first time in over a decade. However, they appeared to have their organization back in tact this season, but it didn’t start out the way that the Chicago Bulls had hoped for. They had a lackluster appearing beginning to the season and the Bulls were not holding up to what has been expected of them. However, they seem to have gotten their act together and are truly playing great basketball. As the season has finally hit mid point, the Chicago Bulls find themselves sitting at twelve games above 500 with a record of twenty-seven wins and fifteen losses posted so far. Derrick Rose and the Chicago Bulls seem to be on the rise and will need to keep performing at a high level on a nightly basis and racking up wins if they want to be in contention at the end of the season.

Mavericks Rolling


The Dallas Mavericks of the National Basketball Association have consistently been a team that has been amongst the top contenders in the Western Conference since their superstar big man Dirk Nowitzki came into the league nearly two decades ago. Since that time they have found themselves going deep into the playoffs regularly and climaxed it with an NBA finals win several years ago. Things are no different this season as they sit at the fifth spot in the West and look to be getting better and better since the huge trade that was made earlier this season in which they received Rajon Rondo from the Boston Celtics. Since making this trade they have played exceptional basketball, as it appears that Rondo is the perfect fit for Dirk and the rest of the mavericks including Monta Ellis and Tyson Chandler. As the midpoint of the NBA season has officially been hit, the Dallas Mavericks find themselves sitting at fifteen games above 500, with twenty-eight wins and only thirteen losses. If things continue to go the way that they have been going for the first half of this season, the Dallas Mavericks should be a team to be feared once the playoffs roll around keeping Mavericks fans like Christopher Cowdray and the ever icon owner Mark Cuban happy.  If they can keep things at this pace they very well may be looking at their second NBA championship win over the last several years. It looks as if they got the best side of the deal when it came to the trade with Boston.

Paterno’s Wins Will Be Restored

There were 112 wins that were vacated when the NCAA freaked out over the Sandusky scandal at Penn State. No one could have known how bad everything was, and there was mistakes that were made. However, Fersen Lambranho believes that blaming Joe Paterno and tearing down his statue was not the answer. Therefore, the NCAA has reached an agreement where it will restore the 112 wins that were previously vacated.

In the wake of all this, it is hard to forget that the NCAA handled this about as badly as it could. They were working with Kouis Freeh as he was compiling his report, and they tainted the investigation of what went on at Penn State. This settlement comes from a lawsuit whereby Pennsylvania state reps wanted to have some of the money paid out by Penn State to go to other programs in the state.

Joe Paterno is again the winningest coach in college football, but he has long since passed. He died thinking that the entire Penn State community had turned on him when, in fact, it was a loud minority who wanted to punish him for something that someone else was doing in secret. Perhaps some dignity can be restored to everyone in all this.

Lester Is Anti Pitch Clock

Jon Lester has come out against the pitch clock that could be in use in the majors by 2016. They are testing it in the minor leagues after already testing in the Arizona Fall League.

Lester does not want the art of getting ready on the mound to be impeded by a clock that he can stare at all the time. This is just one more thing that baseball players are going to have to pay attention to, and there are times when pitchers and batters need to step away.

Yes, as fans like Igor Cornelsen have noticed, the games have gotten slower, but it is going to be hard to find a pitcher that can be effective pitching in games that last two hours. The last guy to do that was Greg Maddux, and I think we are all in agreement that there will never be another Greg Maddux.

The pitch clock is a good idea that is not going to work simply because of how the game is played. These players are used to a certain pace, and there is nothing they can do to speed it up. The pitch clock will just be a disturbance to the players, and it will cause them to rush through pitches.